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Paine, Thomas.  The Book of Common Sense (Pdf);

Palmer, R. Frank: Grammar (Pdf);

Pascal, Blaise: Les pensées;

Pavese, Cesare: Aforismi tratti da Il Mestiere di vivere a cura di Giuseppe Bonghi.

Pei, Mario: One Language For The World (Audio, Pdf);  The Story Of Language (Pdf); Getting Along In English Volume One (Audio, Pdf); Medieval Romance Poetry (Audio, Pdf); Story of the English language (Pdf)

Platone: Opere complete in Italiano; Complete works in English; Complete On-Line Works and Commentary. -Cratylus -Critias HTML at Internet Classics -Crito HTML with commentary at -Crito text at Wiretap -Epinomis -Euthydemus HTML at Internet Classics -Euthydemus text at HTML at Internet Classics -Euthyphro text at -Gorgias HTML at Internet Classics -Gorgias text at -Ion HTML at Internet Classics -Ion text at -Laches HTML at Internet Classics -Laches text at -Laws HTML at Internet Classics -Laws text at; 776k -Lysis, or Friendship -Meno HTML at Internet Classics -Meno text at -Parmenides HTML at Internet Classics -Parmenides text at -Phaedo HTML at Internet Classics -Phaedo text at -Phaedrus HTML at Internet Classics -Phaedrus text at -Philebus HTML at Internet Classics -Philebus text at -Protagoras HTML at Internet Classics -Protagoras text at -The Republic HTML with commentary at Internet Classics -The Republic HTML at Virginia -The Republic text at Wiretap -Sophist HTML at Internet Classics -Sophist text at -Statesman HTML at Internet Classics -Statesman text at -Symposium HTML at Internet Classics -Symposium text at -Theaetetus HTML at Internet Classics -Theaetetus text at -Timaeus HTML at Internet Classics -Timaeus text at

Plautus, Titus Maccius: Asinaria (Vari formati); Three comedies: The braggart soldier; The brothers Menaechmus; The haunted house. (Vari formati);

Purland, Matt: Big activity book (English course Pdf); Big resource book (English course Pdf); Talk a lot Elementary 1 (English course Pdf); Talk a lot Elementary 2 (English course Pdf); Talk a lot Elementary 3 (English course Pdf); Talk a lot Intermediate 1 (English course Pdf); Talk a lot Intermediate 2 (English course Pdf);

Dictionary of English World Proverbs (Html);

Prezzolini, Giuseppe: Codice della vita italiana (Pdf);

Proust, Marcel: In Search Of Lost Time ( Complete Volumes): In Search of Lost Time, Swann's Way, In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower, The Guermantes Way, Sodom and Gomorrah, The Prisoner, The Fugitive, Time Regained; Les plaisirs et les jours (Html); Les plaisirs et les jours (Kindle, EPUB, Plain Txt); Reading Proust Website; Sur la lecture. Le texte a paru en préface à la traduction par Proust du livre de John Ruskin : Sésame et les lys. Here you can find all the single Pdf files in the original language, that is French; 1. Du côté de chez Swann. Première partie. 2. Du côté de chez Swann. Deuxième partie. 3. À l’ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs. Première partie. 4. À l’ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs. Deuxième partie. 5. À l’ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs. Troisième partie. 6. Le côté de Guermantes. Première partie. 7. Le côté de Guermantes. Deuxième partie. 8. Le côté de Guermantes. Troisième partie. 9. Sodome et Gomorrhe. Première partie. 10. Sodome et Gomorrhe. Deuxième partie. 11. La Prisonnière. Première partie.
12. La Prisonnière. Deuxième partie. 13. Albertine disparue. 14. Le temps retrouvé. Première partie.
15. Le temps retrouvé. Deuxième partie.; (Audio Book);

Pagliaro Grazia Giorni di guerra in Sicilia-Diario per la nonna-Formato solo testo + ZIP

Packard, Frank L. The Adventures of Jimmie Dale

Padgett, James E. Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth

Paine, Thomas: The Age of ReasonHTML at -The Age of Reason text at Justice The American Crisis-HTML at LibertyOnline-The American Crisis-text at
SenseHTML at Columbia-Common Sense-HTML at -Common Sense-text at -Dissertation on First Principles of Government -Examination of the Prophecies-The Rights of Man

Palin, Michael Michael Palin Page

Palgrave, Francis Turner Chrysomela: A Selection from the Lyrical Poems of Robert Herrick

Pallen, Conde B. Liberalism is a Sin

Palmquist, Stephen Biblical Theocracy -Complete On-Line Works.-Kant's System of Perspectives -The Tree of Philosophy (third edition)

Paradis, Philip From Gobbler's Knob -Tornado Alley

Paretsky, Sara  Sara Paretsky Page 

Paris, Christopher  Christopher Paris Page 

Paris, Renzo Poesia italiana

Parker, Dorothy  Dorothy Parker Page 

Pascoli Giovanni Biografia di Liber&Liber Il fanciullino-On-line (formato HTML)-Formato solo testo + ZIP -Formato HTML + ZIP Canti di Castelvecchio -Formato solo testo + ZIP -Formato Word 6 + ZIP
Myricae-Formato solo testo + ZIP-Formato Word 6 + ZIP

Pasolini, Pier Paolo  Pagine corsare,  Pier Paolo Pasolini Home Page

Pasternak, Boris Boris Leonidovich Pasternak Nobel 1958 

Patchen, Kenneth  Kenneth Patchen Page 

Pater, Walter  Walter Pater Page 

Paul, Barbara Barbara Paul Page 

Pavese, Cesare  Cesare Pavese Page 

Peacock, Thomas Love Maid Marian

Pedrini, Riccardo Libera Baku Ora

Peers, E. Allison Dark Night of the Soul -The Life of St. Teresa of Jesus -A Spiritual Canticle of the Soul and the Bridegroom Christ

Peirce, Benjamin Address of Professor Benjamin Peirce, President of the American Association for the Year 1853, On Retiring from the Duties of President -An Elementary Treatise on Curves, Functions, and Forces volume 1: page images at Cornell -n Elementary Treatise -on Curves, Functions, and Forces volume 2: page images at Cornell -Elements of the Theory of the Newtonian -Potential Function

Pellico Silvio Le mie prigioni-Formato solo testo + ZIP -Formato RTF + ZIP

Penders, C. Jennings  C. Jennings Penders Page 

Percival, James Gates Poem Delivered Before the Connecticut Alpha of the Phi Beta Kappa Society,
September 13, 1825 -Poems

Percy, Walker  Walker Percy Project 

Pessoa, Fernando  Projeto Pesia 

Petrarca Francesco Biografia di Liber&Liber Il Canzoniere (Rerum Vulgarium Fragment-Formato solo testo + ZIP

Philips, Katherine Fowler  Katherine Fowler Philips Pag

Philipps, Janetta Poems

Phillips, David Graham The Conflict

Piave Francesco Maria Rigoletto -Formato solo testo + ZIP

Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni: Oration on the Dignity of Man

Piel, Stobie Stobie Piel Page

Pierce, Edward Lillie The Negroes at Port Royal

Piers, Anthony-Fonti  Piers Anthony Page

Pink, Arthur W. The Divine Inspiration of the Bible -The Godhood of God -The Law and the Saint -The
Redeemer's Return -Why Four Gospels?

Pinsky, Robert History of My Heart

Pitman, Paul M. Turkey: A Country Study

Pirandello, Luigi About Luigi Pirandello, Luigi Pirandello Nobel 1934, Biografia di Liber&Liber Così è (se
vi pare) -On-line (formato HTML)-Formato solo testo + ZIP-Formato HTML + ZIP - Formato Word 6 + ZIP -On-line (formato HTML)-Formato solo testo + ZIP -Formato HTML + ZIP-Formato Word 6 + ZIP -Enrico I-Formato solo testo + ZIP -L'esclusa-Formato solo testo + ZIP-Il fu Mattia Pascal-Formato solo testo + ZIP-La giara-Formato solo testo + ZIP - Una giornata-Formato solo testo + ZIP -Sei personaggi in cerca d'autore-Formato solo testo + ZIP -Il turno-Formato solo testo + ZIP-L'uomo dal fiore in bocca-Formato solo testo + ZIP - Formato Word 6 + ZIP

Plath, Sylvia  Sylvia Plath Page 

Plotino Plotinus: The Six Enneads

Plutarco Plutarch: Plutarch's Lives

Poe, Edgar Allan  Edgar Allan Poe's House of Usher , Yahoo Page, Qrisse's Edgar Alla Poe Page- The
Black Cat -The Cask of Amontillado -The Complete Poems of Edgar Allan Poe -The Fall of the House of Usher -The Gold-Bug -The Masque of the Red Death -The Murders in the Rue Morgue -The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket -The Pit and the Pendulum -The Purloined Letter -Selected writings. Tales (1845 edition) -The Tell-Tale Heart

Polidori, John The Vampyre

Polo Marco Il Milione-Formato solo testo + ZIP -Formato RTF + ZIP

Pool, Maria Louise-Fonti:  Maria Louise Pool Page 

Pond, William C. Gospel Pioneering: Reminiscences of Early Congregationalism in California, 1833-1920

Pope, Alexander An Essay on Criticism -An Essay on Man -The Rape of the Lock

Porter, Eleanor H. Just David -Miss Billy's Decision -Miss Billy -Married

Porter, Kenneth Wiggins The Kansas Poems

Porter, Noah Books and Reading: or, What Books Shall I Read and How Shall I Read Them? -The
Human Intellect: With an Introduction Upon Psychology and the Soul -The Sciences of Nature Versus the Science of Man

Posner, Gerald  Gerald Posner Page 

Potok, Chaim  Chaim Potok Page

Potter, Alonzo Lectures on the Evidence of Christianity, Delivered in Philadelphia

Potter, Beatrix The Great Big Treasury of Beatrix Potter -The Tale of Mr. Tod -The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Potter, Robert Ion -Iphigenia in Tauris -The Persians

Pound, Ezra  Ezra Pound,The Natural Philosophy of Love

Poundstone, William Insect Paranoia & Other Stories

Power, Patrick Life of St. Declan of Ardmore -Life of St. Declan of Ardmore

Prabhupada, A. Bhagavad-Gita As It Is

Prassinos, Gisele  Gisele Prassinos Page 

Pratchett, Terry  Terry Pratchett Page

Pratt, Parley P. Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt

Prescott, William Hickling The History of the Conquest of Mexico-History of the Conquest of Peru

Presno, Odd de The Online World

Press, Muriel The Laxdaela Saga

Preston, Samuel H. Demography of Aging -The Epidemiological Transition: Policy and Planning
Implications for Developing Countries

Prevost, Abbe Manon Lescaut

Prewitt, Joyce R.  Joyce R. Prewitt Page 

Price, Francis The Life and Adventures in California of Don Agustín Janssens, 1834-1856

Procopio The Secret History

Proudhon, P.-J. System of Economical Contradictions: or, the Philosophy of Misery

Proust, Marcel  Kolb-Proust Archive for Research,  Proust Said That 

Prowell, Sandra West  Sandra West Prowell Page

Puharich, Andrija Uri: A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller

Pumphrey, Stanley Indian Civilization

Purucker, Gottfried de The Dialogues of G. de Purucker -The Esoteric Tradition (1940 edition)-Fountain-
Source of Occultism (1974 edition) -The Four Sacred Seasons- Fundamentals of the Esoteric Philosophy (1979 edition) -Golden Precepts of Esotericism (1979 edition) -Man in Evolution (1977 edition) -Messages to Conventions, and Other Writings on the Policies, Work and Purposes of the T. S. -Occult Glossary: A Compendium of Oriental and Theosophical Terms (1996 edition) -Studies in Occult Philosophy -Wind of the Spirit (1984 edition)

Pushkin, Alexandr Sergeevic  Alexandr Sergeevic Pushkin Page 

Puttkamer, Marie-Madeleine von  Marie-Madeleine von Puttkamer Page 

Puzo, Mario The Official Mario Puzo Library

Pyle, Howard Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates -The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood -The Wonder Clock -The Wonder Clock

Pynchon, Thomas Thomas Pynchon Page 

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