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Resources for East Asian Language and Thought ;

Latin Language: Bennett, Charles E.: New Latin Grammar; D'Oogle, Benjamin L.: Latin for beginners; Wine, women and songs. Medieval Latin Student's Songs, including translation and commentary by John Addington Symonds.

Language: Sapir, Edward: Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech.

Lao-Tze, o, più esattamente, Lao-tzŭ: Tao Te Ching (English Version); The Tao Teh King (Liber CLVII) A New Translation By Ko Yuen (Aleister Crowley) The Equinox (Volume III, No. VIII.)

Lawrence, David Herbert: Sons and Lovers (Pdf);

La smorfia napoletana. (Html file).

Lear, Edward; The Book of Nonsense with illustrations. (Html)

Baron de La Pointe Eugène Le Gai: Dictionnaire des calembours et des jeux de mots, lazzis, coqs-à-l'âne, quolibets, quiproquos, amphigouris, etc.

Leonardo, Da Vinci: Aforismi, Novelle e Profezie (Pdf)

Leopardi, Giacomo: Canti (Pdf); Zibaldone di Pensieri (Pdf); Operette morali (Pdf);

AA.VV. :  Breve Storia della Letteratura Italiana con Riassunti (Pdf);

AA.VV.:  Breve Storia della Letteratura Inglese dalle Origini ai Romantici (Pdf);

Literature in English: Lots of famous authors (Html); Letteratura Inglese, dalle origini ai romantici. (Pdf);

Literary terms: Cuddon, J.A.: The Penguin Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory;

Lewin, Louis: Phantastica, A Classic Survey on the Use and Abuse of Mind-Altering Plants (Drugs) (Pdf);

Livraghi, Gianfranco:  Il Potere della Stupidità (;  The Power of Stupidity  ( ; The power of stupidity (Pdf); El poder de la estupidez (;  L’umanità dell’internet. Le vie della rete sono infinite.  (;  La coltivazione dell’internet (; Il nuovo libro della pubblicità. I segreti del mestiere di Luis Bassat e Giancarlo Livraghi.  (;  La Strategia (;  Le Imprese e Internet. Come usare efficacemente i nuovi sistemi di comunicazione per il successo delle imprese. (; Ambiguità fra l’italiano e l’inglese. (Pdf);

Lodge, Thomas: Complete Works. Volume I° Reply to Gossen’s Schoole of Abuse (1580); An Alarum Against Vsureres (1584); Scillaes Metamorphosis (1589); Rosalynde. Euphues Golden Legacie (1590); Volume II° The Famous, True, and Historicall Life of Robert, Second Duke of Normandy (1591); Catharos. Diogenes in His Singularitie (1591); Evphves Shadow, the Batail of the Sences (1592); The Life and Death of William Longbeard (1593); Phillis: Honoured with Pastorall, Sonnets, Elegies and Amorous Delights (1593); Volume III° The Vvovnds of Ciuill War (1594); A Fig for Momus (1595); The Devel Coniured (1596); A Margarite of America (1586); Prosopopeia Containing the Teares of the Holy, Blessed, and Sanctified Marie, the Mother of God (1596); Volume IV° Wits Miserie, and the Worlds Madnesse (1596); A Looking Glasse, for London and Englande (1598); A Treatise of the Plague (1603); The Poore Mans Talentt (1623); Miscellaneous Pieces;

Looney, J. Thomas: "Shakespeare" identified in Edward De Vere, the seventeenth earl of Oxford (Html); The poems of Edward De Vere;

Quotes and aphorisms on love. (Pdf. Edited by C.W. Brown)

Lyly, John: The Complete Works of John Lyly, Volume I (Life of John Lyly; Euphues - The Anatomy of Wit; Entertainments; A Funeral Oration; The Complete Works of John Lyly, Volume II (Euphues and His England; Campaspe; Sapho and Phao; Gallathea); The Complete Works of John Lyly, Volume III; (Endimion; Midas; Mother Bombie; The Woman in the Moone; Loves Metamorphoses; Pappe with an Hatchet; A Whip for an Ape; Mar-Martine; The Triumphs of Trophes; Poems)

Labini Paolo Sylos La crisi italiana-Formato solo testo + ZIP-Formato Word 6 + ZIP

Laclos Les Liaisons dangereuses

Lafargue, Paul Le Droit à la Paresse -Le Droit à la Paresse

La Fayette, Marie Madeleine The Princess of Clèves -The Princess of Cleves, The Princess of Cleves -La Princesse de Clèves

Lamb, Charles&Mary LAMB, Charles & Mary: Tales from Shakespeare -Tales from Shakespeare

L'Amour, Louis: Louis L'Amour Page

Lang, Andrew The Yellow Fairy Book

L'Engle, Madeleine  Madeleine L'Engle Page 

La Fontaine, Jean de Fabuleux La Fontaine,  Humphrey's Jean de La Fontaine Page, Fables

Lagerlöf, Selma Selma Lagerlöf Page

Lamb, Charles  Charles Lamb Page 

Lamont, Billy Billy Lamont Page 

Lamott, Anne  Anne Lamott Page

Lancillotti Giovanni I principi della lingua italiana-Formato solo testo + ZIP Formato Word 6 + ZIP

Landis, Jill Marie  Jill Marie Landis Page

Langland, William William Langland Page 

Langston, Hughes Hughes Langston Page 

Lao-Tzu  Lao Tzu , Lao-Tzu Page , biografia di Liber&Liber Tao Te Ching-Formato solo testo + ZIP-Formato Word 6 + ZIP -Tao Teh Ching -Tao Teh King -Tao Teh King -Tao Teh King

La Paruse Médée -Médée

La Rochefoucauld François: Réflexions ou Sentences et Maximes morales

Lautrémont Les Chants de Maldoror -Les Chants de Maldoror -Poésies

Laverle, Berry Ghana: A Country Study

Law, John Mémoire pour prouver qu'une Nouvelle Espèce de Monnaie peut être meilleure que l'Or et l'Argent -Money and Trade considered with a Proposal for supplying the Nation with Money

Lawrence, Bill Using NetWare 3.12 -Using NetWare 4.1

Lawrence, D. H. D.H. Lawrence, D.H. Lawrence index page,  D.H.Lawrence Page,  D. H. Lawrence Poetry Page, Yahoo Page-Lady Chatterley's Lover -Poems -Sons and Lovers -Sons and Lovers

Lawrence, T. E. The Lawrence of Arabia Factfile

Lawson, Janet Janet Lawson Page 

Lawson, Henry In the Days When the World Was Wide -In the Days When the World Was Wide

Laxer, Mark Take Me For A Ride -Take Me For A Ride

Lazarus, Emma Admetus and Other Poems

Leand, Charle The Breitmann Ballads -The Breitmann Ballads -The Breitmann Ballads -The Breitmann Ballads

Lear, Edward  Edward Lear Page A Book of Nonsense

Leary, Timothy: Yahoo Page

Leblanc, Dee-Ann Running a Perfect Internet Site with Linux

Le Bon, Gustave The Crowd, Study of Popular Mind -The Crowd, Study of Popular Mind -The Psychology of Revolution -The Psychology of Revolution -The Psychology of Revolution

Lederer, Richard Richard Lederer Page 

Lee, Linda Francis  Linda Francis Lee Page 

Lee, Mary Soon Mary Soon Lee Page 

Lee, Wendi  Wendi Lee Page

Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan LE FANU, Joseph Sheridan: The Purcell Papers (vol. 1)-The Purcell Papers (vol. 1) -The Purcell Papers (vol. 2)-The Purcell Papers (vol. 2) -The Purcell Papers (vol. 3) -The Purcell Papers (vol. 3)

Le Gallienne, Richard The Quest of the Golden Girl -The Quest of the Golden Girl

Legendre, Adrien Marie Elements of Geometry and Trigonometry

Leiber, Fritz Fritz Leiber Page

Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm Idea bizzarra per un nuovo genere di rappresentazioni Drôle de Pensée -La Monadologie-La Monadologie -The Monadology -The Monadology

Leiris, Michael Michael Leiris Page 

Leitch Lepoer, Barbara Singapore: A Country Study -Thailand: A Country Study

Leopardi, Giacomo Giacomo Leopardi Page, L'infinito-On-line (formato HTML)-Formato solo testo + ZIP Formato HTML + ZIP

Leminski, Paulo Projeto Poesia

Lenin, Valdimir Ilich A Great Beginning: Heroism of the Workers in the Rear -Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism -Left Wing Communism, an Infantile Disorder -Marxism and Revisionism -State and Revolution-State and Revolution -The National Colonial Question

Lennon, Nigey   Nigey Lennon Page

Leonard, Zenas Narrative of the Adventures of Zenas Leonard, Fur Trader and Trapper, 1831-1836

Leroux, Gaston The Phantom of the Opera -The Phantom of the Opera

Lessing, Doris Doris Lessing Retrospective 

Lessing, Gotthold Minna von Barnhelm -Emilia Galotti -Fabeln -Minna von Barnhelm -Nathan der Weise

Letelier, Elias  Elias Letelier Page 

Levi, Primo  Levi, Primo 

LeVitus, Bob  Bob LeVitus Page 

Levy, Amy  Amy Levy Page 

Lewis, C. S.  J. Visser's Lewis Page 

Lewis Sinclaire Main Street -Main Street

Lewis, Kim  Kim Lewis Page 

Lichtenberg, Jacqueline  Jacqueline Lichtenberg Page

Licurgo Against Leocrates -Against Leocrates

Lincoln, Abraham Abraham Lincoln's First Inaugural Address -Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address -Gettysburg Address

Lindgren, Astrid Astrid Lindgren 

Lindsay, Vachel General William Booth Enters into Heaven and Other Poems -General William Booth Enters into Heaven and Other Poems

Lint, Charles de  Charles de Lint Page

Lisia Accusation of Calumny -Accusation of Calumny -Against Agoratus -Against Agoratus -Against Alcibiades 1 -Against Alcibiades 1 -Against Alcibiades 2 -Against Alcibiades 2 -Against Andocides -Against Andocides -Against Diogeiton -Against Diogeiton -Against Epicrates and His Fellow Envoys -Against Epicrates and his Fellow Envoys -Against Eratosthenes -Against Eratosthenes -Against Ergocles -Against Ergocles -Against Nicomachus -Against Nicomachus -Against Pancleon -Against Pancleon -Against Philocrates -Against Philocrates -Against Philon -Against Philon -Against Simon -Against Simon -Against the Corn Dealers -Against the Corn Dealers -Against the Subversion of the Ancestral Constitution of Athens -Against the Subversion of the Ancestral Constitution of Athens -Against Theomnestus 1 -Against Theomnestus 1 -Against Theomnestus 2 -against Theomnestus 2 -Defence Against a Charge of Subverting the Democracy -Defence against a Charge of Subverting the Democracy -Defence Against a Charge of Taking Bribes -Defence against a Charge of Taking Bribes -For Callias -For Callias -For Mantitheus -For Mantitheus -For Polystratus -For Polystratus -For the Soldier -For the Soldier -Funeral Oration -Funeral Oration -Olympic Oration -Olympic Oration -On a Wound by Premeditation -On a Wound by Premeditation -On the Confiscation of the Property of the Brother of Nicias -On the Confiscation of the Property of the Brother of Nicias -On the Murder of Eratosthenes -On the Murder of Eratosthenes -On the Olive Stump -On the Olive Stump -On the Property of Aristophanes -On the Property of Aristophanes -On the Property of Eraton -On the Property of Eraton -On the Refusal of a Pension -On the Refusal of a Pension -On the Scrutiny of Evandros -On the Scrutiny of Evandros

List, Friedrich The National System of Political Economy

Livraghi, Giancarlo L'umanità dell'Internet (Testo Completo Online); Il Nuovo libro della Pubblicità; Portolano Italiano; La coltivazione dell’internet; Le imprese e l’internet; I garbugli della rete;

Locke, John A Letter Concerning Toleration-A Letter Concerning Toleration -An Essay Concerning Human Understanding-Second Treatise of Government

Lodoli, Marco Marco Lodoli Page

Loftting, Hugh The Story of Doctor Dolittle -The Story of Doctor Dolittle

Loftus, Richard Gilmore  Richard Gilmore Loftus Page 

London, Jack Jack London Page, Jack London - his life & books Before Adam -Before Adam -Before Adam -Burning Daylight -John Barleycorn -John Barleycorn -Love of Life, and Other Stories -Selected Works and

Commentary -The Call of the Wild -The Call of the Wild -The Call of the Wild -The Iron Heel -The Iron Heel -The People of the Abyss -The People of the Abyss -The Sea-Wolf -The Sea-Wolf -The Son of the Wolf -White Fang

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth Complete On-Line Works -The Song of Hiawatha -The Song of Hiawatha -The Song of Hiawatha -Evangeline

Long, Karawynn  Karawynn Long Page 

Lovecraft, Howard Phillips  Howard Phillips Lovecraft Page,  Dossier Howard Phillips Lovecraft 

Lovelace, Maud Hart  Maud Hart Lovelace Page 

Lovelace, Merline  Merline Lovelace Page 

Lowell, Amy  Amy Lowell Page 

Lu Xun  Lu Xun Page 

Luber, Philip  Philip Luber Page

Lucano Pharsalia (The Civil War) -Pharsalia: (The Civil War)

Lucrezio On The Nature of Things -On The Nature of Things

Luminet, Jean-Pierre Musique avec Pulsar obligé - Science, Poésie, Création

Lunacharsky, Anatoly Vasilievich Revolutionary Silhouettes

Lutero A Treatise on Good Works -A Treatise on Good Works - An Open Letter on Translating -An Open Letter on Translating -Disputatio pro Declaratione Virtutis Indulgentiarum. -Hymns -Hymns -Martin Luther's 95

Theses -Martin Luther's 95 Theses -The Smalcald Articles -The Smalcald Articles -Various texts

Lydgate, John  John Lydgate Page 

Lynch, Frances  Frances Lynch Page 

Lyons, Esther Mary Esther Mary Lyons Page 

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