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Hogan, James Francis: An Australian Christmas collection: stories, sketches, essays. (b. 1855) (All formats);

History: Williams, Henry Smith: The Historians' History of the World in Twenty-Five Volumes;

Hughes, Anthony: The Online English Grammar (Pdf);

Hume, David: Treatise of Human Nature, Book 1;

Huot, Ben: Book of Lists: Prepare for the Future ;

Haggard, H. Rider Allan Quatermain -El Salvador: A Country Study-Dominican Republic and Haiti: Country Studies -Venezuela: A Country Study

Haldeman, Joe Joe Haldeman Page 

Halme, Kathleen Kathleen Halme Page

Hamilton, Virginia Virginia Hamilton

Hamilton, William Rowan Lectures on Quaternions

Hammett, Dashiell History of Mystery, Rara-Avis

Hamsun, Knut  Knut Hamsun Link Page

Handloff, Robert Cote d'Ivoire: A Country Study -Mauritania: A Country Study

Hanratty, Dennis A Country Study -Colombia: A Country Study -Paraguay: A Country Study

Hansbarger, J. Clark J. Clark Hansbarger Page 

Hanto. Home page della scrittrice Maria Antonietta Cucca

Harding, Rebecca Frances Waldeaux -Frances Waldeaux -A Story of To-day , 2nd ed. -A Story of To-day , 2nd ed.

Hardy, Thomas  The Thomas Hardy Resource Library,  The Thomas Hardy Web site , Wessex Page, Yahoo Page, A Pair of Blue Eyes - A Pair of Blue Eyes -Far From the Madding Crowd -Far From the Madding Crowd -Far From the Madding Crowd -Far From the Madding Crowd -Far from the Madding Crowd -Jude the Obscure -Jude the Obscure -Tess of the d'Urbervilles -Tess of the d'Urbervilles -Tess of the d'Urbervilles -Tess of the d'Urbervilles -The Mayor of Casterbridge -The Mayor of Casterbridge -The Mayor of Casterbridge -The Mayor of Casterbridge -The Return of the Native -The Return of the Native -The Return of the Native -The Woodlanders -The Woodlanders - Wessex Poems & Other Verses

Harmon, Danelle  Danelle Harmon Page 

Harrington, James The Commonwealth of Oceana

Harris, Robert Stories From the Old Attic -Stories From the Old Attic

Harry, Eric  Eric Harry Page 

Hartwell, David G.  David G. Hartwell Page 

Hatcher, Robin Lee  Robin Lee Hatcher Page 

Hausman, Gerald  Gerald Hausman Page 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel  Nathaniel Hawthorne Page, Yahoo Page; From Mosses From An Old Manse -From Mosses From An Old Manse -From The Snow Image -From The Snow Image -From Twice Told Tales -From Twice Told Tales -The House of the Seven Gables -The House of the Seven Gables -The Scarlet Letter -The Scarlet Letter

Hayden, Laura  Laura Hayden Page 

Hayden, Patrick Nielsen  Patrick Nielsen Hayden Page

Hayter, Thomas Remarks on Mr. Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion

Headland, Isaac Taylor Court Life in China - Court Life in China -Court Life in China -Court Life in China -The Chinese Boy and Girl

Heaney, Seamus Internet Poetry Archive ,Seamus Heaney Page 

Heffernan, William  William Heffernan Page 

Heijermans, Herman  Coster's Heijermans Page 

Heine, Carola  Carola Heine Page 

Heine, Heinrich Heinrich-Heine-Seite

Heinlein, Robert A.  Robert A. Heinlein Page 

Heitzman, James & Worden, Robert Bangladesh: A Country Study

Hemingway, Ernest Ernest Hemingway,   Ernest Hemingway Page, The Papa Page, Yahoo Page,

Henry, Patrik Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death

Henry, Paul David Paul David Henry Page 

Henryson, Robert The Testament of Cresseid

Herbert, Frank  Frank Herbert Page 

Herriot, James  James Herriot Page 

Hesse, Hermann  The Glass Bead Game, Empire of the Senses, Hesse and Art in the Modern World 

Hickman, Tracy  Tracy Hickman Page 

Hill, Donna  Donna Hill Page 

Hill, John Spencer  John Spencer Hill Page 

Hill, Reginald  Reginald Hill Page 

Hill, Sandra  Sandra Hill Page 

Hillerman, Tony  Tony Hillerman Page 

Hobbes, Thomas Leviathan

Hoeg, Peter Smilla's Sense of Homepage 

Holberg, Ludwig Niels Klim

Holder, Nancy  Nancy Holder Page 

Hölderlin, Friedrich  Friedrich Hölderlin Page 

Holtz, Herman  Herman Holtz Page

Hope, Anthony Frivolous Cupid -Frivolous Cupid -The Prisoner of Zenda -The Prisoner of Zenda

Hopkins, Gerard Manley  Bartleby Library, G. M. Hopkins' Aesthetic Theory, The Gerard Manley
Hopkins Society The Victorian Web, Poems

Hornfischer, Elsa and Dave  Elsa and Dave Hornfischer Page

Hornung, W.E. Raffles: Further Adventures of the Amateur Cracksman -The Amateur Cracksman

Houdini, Harry The Miracle Mongers -The Miracle Mongers

Houseman, Phyllis  Phyllis Houseman Page 

Housman A. E. A Shropshire Lad

Howard, Robert E. Robert E. Page Howard

Howells, William Dean The Rise of Silas Lapham -The Rise of Silas Lapham

Howth, Margret A Story of To-day -A Story of To-day

Hubbard, Elbert John Jacob Astor -John Jacob Astor

Hubbard, L. Ron  L. Ron Hubbard Page 

Hubbard, Margaret Emery  Lynn Emery Page 

Huber, Peter  Peter Huber Page 

Hudson, Rex & Hanratty, Dennis Bolivia: A Country Study -Uruguay: A Country Study - Chile: A Country Study - Peru: A Country Study

Hughes, Langston  Langston Hughes Page 

Hughes, Ted  Ted Hughes Page 

Hugo, Richard  Richard Hugo Page 

Hugo, Victor  Victor Hugo in Memorandum , Victor Hugo Page-L'art d'être Grand-père - Les Contemplations (vol. 1) -Les Contemplations (vol. 2) -Les Misérables -Les Misérables -Les Misérables -Les Voix intérieures -Les Voix intérieures

Hume, David A Letter from a Gentleman to his Friend in Edinburgh -A Letter from a Gentleman to his friend in Edinburgh -An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding -An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding -An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding -An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding -Essays on Suicide and Immortality (complete unauthorized 1783 edition)-My Own Life -My Own Life -Natural History of Religion-On Interest -On Money -On Public Credit -On Taxes -On the
Balance of Trade -On the Jealousy of Trade

Humphry, Derek  Derek Humphry Page 

Hunt, Christopher  Christopher Hunt Page 

Hunt, D. Trinidad  D. Trinidad Hunt Page

Hurtado De Mendoza, Antonio Entremés de Getafe -Entremés de Miser Palomo, I -Entremés de Miser
Palomo, II -Ni callarlo ni decirlo

Hutsko, Joe Undo -Undo -A Rebours Le Drageoir aux Epices et Pages retrouvées

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