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AA.VV. :  Breve Storia della Letteratura Italiana con Riassunti (Pdf);

AA.VV.:  Breve Storia della Letteratura Inglese dalle Origini ai Romantici (Pdf);

Italiana, Letteratura: Biblioteca digitale della letteratura italiana;

Ibsens, Henrik Henrik Ibsens Page, Peer Gynt Ihle, Sharon Sharon Ihle Page

Ignazio di Antiochia  To Polycarp -To the Ephesians -To the Magnesians -To the Philadelphians -To the Romans -To the Smyrnaeans -To the Trallians

Ignazio di Loyola The Spiritual Exercises

Imogen Guiney, Louise Louise Imogen Guiney Page

Ionesco, Eugene Eugene Ionesco,   Eugene Ionesco Die Nash÷rner

Ippocrate Aphorisms -Instruments of Reduction -Of The Epidemics -On Airs, Waters, and Places -On Airs, Waters, and Places -On Ancient Medicine -On Fistulae-On Fractures -On Hemorrhoids -On Injuries of the Head -On Regimen in Acute Diseases -On The Articulations -On The Sacred Disease -On The Surgery -On Ulcers -Selected Works and Commentary -The Book of Prognostics -The Law -The Oath
Iperide Against Athenogenes -Against Athenogenes -Against Demosthenes -Against Demosthenes -Against Philippides -Against Philippides -Fureral Oration -Fureral Oration -In Defence of Euxenippus -In Defence of Euxenippus -In Defence of Lycophron -In Defence of Lycophron -Second Defence of Lycophron

Irving, John Yahoo Page A Book of Remarkable Criminals -A Book of Remarkable Criminals -The
Legend of Sleepy Hollow -The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Iseo di Atene  Apollodorus -Apollodorus -Aristarchus -Aristarchus -Astyphilus -Astyphilus -Ciron -Ciron -Cleonymus -Cleonymus -Dicaeogenes -Dicaeogenes -Euphiletus -Euphiletus -Hagnias -Hagnias -Menecles -Menecles -Nicostratus -Nicostratus -Philoctemon -Philoctemon -Pyrrhus -Pyrrhus

Isocrate  Aegineticus -Aegineticus -Against Callimachus -Against Callimachus -Against Euthynus -Against Euthynus -Against Lochites -Against Lochites -Against The Sophists -Against the Sophists -Antidosis -
Antidosis -Archidamus -Archidamus -Areopagiticus -Areopagiticus -Busiris -Busiris -Evagoras -Evagoras -Helen -Helen -Letters -Letters -Nicocles Or The Cyprians -Nicocles or the Cyprians -On The Peace -On the Peace -On The Team of Horses -On the Team of Horses -Panathenaicus -Panathenaicus -Panegyricus -Panegyricus -Plataicus -Plataicus -To Demonicus -To Demonicus -To Nicocles -To Nicocles -To Philip -To Philip -Trapeziticus -Trapeziticus

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