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Marlowe, Christopher: Delphi Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe (Illustrated), (PDF), (EPUB);(The Plays: Dido, Queen Of Carthage; The Source Text Of Dido, Queen Of Carthage; Tamburlaine The Great Part 1; Tamburlaine The Great Part 2; The Jew Of Malta; Doctor Faustus (A Text); Doctor Faustus (B Text); Edward Ii; The Source Text Of Edward Ii; The Massacre At Paris; The Apocryphal Play; Lust's Dominion; The Poetry: Translation Of Book One Of Lucan's The Pharsalia; Translation Of Ovid's Elegies; The Passionate Shepherd To His Love; The Nymph's Reply To The Shepherd By Sir Walter Raleigh; Hero And Leander; Fragment; In Obitum Honoratissimi Viri, Rogeri Manwood, Militis, Quæstorii Regi- Nalis Capitalis Baronis; Dialogue In Verse; Epigrams By J.D.; The Criticism; Extracts From ‘the Life Of William Shakespeare’ By Sidney Lee; The Influence Of Christopher Marlowe On Shakspere's Earlier Style By A. W. Verity; Extract From ‘a Study Of Shakespeare’ By Algernon; Charles Swinburne; Some Notes On The Blank Verse Of Christopher Marlowe By T.S. Eliot; The Biographies: Marlowe And His Associates By John H. Ingram; The Muses' Darling By Charles Norman; Christopher Marlowe - Outlines Of His Life And Works By J. G. Lewis; The Death Of Christopher Marlowe By J. Leslie Hotson; Glossary Of Elizabethan Language.)

Melchiori, Giovan Battista: Vocabolario Bresciano Italiano Vol. I (Epub) - (Pdf);   Vocabolario Bresciano Italiano Vol. II (Epub) - (Pdf);

Marx e i Surrealisti: (Tesina Pdf);

Marx, Carl: Differenza tra la filosofia della natura di Democrito e quella di Epicuro. (Pdf)

Marketing Dictionary (Ebook Pdf);

Marketing Dictionary Online;

Melchiori, Giovanni Battista: Vocabolario dialetto Bresciano Italiano Volume primo; Volume secondo; Appendice e rettificazioni al Dizionario bresciano-italiano;

Dizionario di Marketing (Italiano-Pdf);

McGuffey, W.H.: The Eclectic spelling book;

Mercato e ambiente (Pdf);

Mitologia Dizionario dei miti e dei personaggi della Grecia antica. Ebook Pdf;

I quaderni di Tobia di Mauroemme. 

Michel de Montaigne: Essais (Html);

Miyamoto, Musashi: The Book of Five Rings - Go Rin no Sho - (Pdf)

Maalouf, Amin Best Sellers - Amin Maalouf, Entretien avec Amin Maalouf

Macclure, Victor She Stands Accused -She Stands Accused

Machiavelli Niccolò biografia di Liber&Liber Mandragola-Formato solo testo + ZIP -Formato Word 6 + ZIP Principe-Formato solo testo + ZIP -Formato Word 6 + ZIP -The Prince -The Prince

Macdonald Skillman, Trish Macdonald Skillman Page

MacDonald, Andy Andy MacDonald Page 

MacDonald, George George MacDonald Page At the Back of the North Wind -At the Back of the North Wind -Phantastes, A Faerie Romance -Phantastes, A Faerie Romance

Machen, Arthur MACHEN, Arthur: The Great God Pan -The Great God Pan -The Great God Pan

Mackay, Charles Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions

Macomber, Debbie Debbie Macomber Page

Maddox, Tom Tom Maddox Page 

Mage, E Relation d'un voyage d'exploration au Soudan (1863-1866)

Mahfouz, Naguib Naguib Mahfouz Naguib Mahfouz Nobel 1988

Mailer, Norman Norman Mailer Page 

Maine, Henry S. Lectures on the Early History of Institutions

Maistre, Joseph de Considerations sur la France -Les Soirées de Saint-Pétersbourg, ou Entretiens sur le Gouvernement temporel de la Providence -Lettres à un Gentilhomme russe sur l'Inquisition espagnole -Lettres à unGentilhomme russe sur l'Inquisition espagnole

Maistre, Xavier de Le Lépreux de la Cité d'Aoste -Le Lépreux de la Cité d'Aoste -Voyage autour de ma chambre

Malebranche, Nicolas Méditations sur l'humilité et la pénitence (in Conversations chrétiennes) -Méditations sur l'humilité et la pénitence (in Conversations chrétiennes)

Mallarme, Stéphane Poésies -Poésies

Malthus, Thomas An Essay on the Principle of Population, as it affects the Future Improvement of Society

Malvinni, Paolo Domenico Paolo Domenico Malvinni

Malynes, G The Maintenance of Free Trade

Mameli Goffredo Biografia di Liber&Liber Fratelli d'Italia-On-line (formato HTML)-Formato solo testo + ZIP Formato HTML + ZIP

Manera, Danilo Danilo Manera Page 

Mann, Thomas Thomas Mann Page,  Thomas Mann Nobel 1929

Manning, Richard  Richard Manning Page 

Mansfield, Katherine  Katherine Mansfield Page I n a German Pension -Poems

Manzoni, Alessandro Alessandro Manzoni Biografia di Liber&Liber Cinque Maggio-Formato solo testo + ZIP -Fermo e Lucia-Formato solo testo + ZIP -Formato RTF + ZIP -I promessi sposi-Formato solo testo + ZIP-Storia della colonna infame-Formato solo testo + ZIP

Mao Tse Tung A Single Spark can start a Prairie Fire-A Statement on Chiang Kai-Shek's Statement -Analysis of the Classes in Chinese Society -Be concerned with the Well-Being of the Masses, Pay Attention to Methods of Work -How to Differentiate the Classes in the Rural Areas -On Contradiction -On Correcting Mistaken Ideas in the Party -On Practice -Our Economic Policy -Pay Attention to Economic Work -Problems of Strategy in China's Revolutionary War -Report on an Investigation of the Peasant Movment in Hunan -The Struggle in the Chingkang Mountains on Tactics against Japanese Imperialism -The Struggle in the Chingkang Mountains -The Tasks of the Chinese Communist Party in the Period of Resistance to Japan -Why is it that Red Political Power can exist in China? -Win the Masses in their Millions for the Anti-Japanese National United Front

Marco Aurelio The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

Marcus, Ben Ben Marcus 

Maren, Michael Michael Maren Page 

Mariano, Beppe Beppe Mariano Page

Marivaux Le Jeu de l'Amour et du Hasard

Marquis, Don Danny's Own Story -Danny's Own Story-Dreams and Dust -Dreams and Dust -The Cruise of the Jasper B.

Marquez, Gabriel Garcia Un prologo de Gabriel Garcia Marquez,  Gabriel José Garcia Marquez Page

Martì, José José Martí Page

Martone, Michael Michael Martone Page

Marx, Karl A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy -899, Our Programme -A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right. Introduction -Capital, volume 1-Capital, volume 2 -Capital, volume 3 -Capital -Communism, Revolution, and a Free Poland -Contribution to the Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Law. Introduction -Critique of the Gotha Program-Introduction to A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy -Letters to Arnold Ruge -On The Jewish Question -On The Jewish Question -On The Question of Free Trade -The Abolition of Landed Property -The Abolition of Landed Property -The Civil War in France -The Class Struggle in France, 1848 to 1850 -The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte -The Grundrisse -The Poverty of Philosophy -Theses on Feuerbach -Theses on Feuerbach -Value, Price and Profit -Value, Price, and Profit -Wage-Labor and Capital -Wage-Labor and Capital

Marx & Engels Friedrich: Marx & Engels Writings -Communist League -Communist Manifesto -Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei -Manifeste du Parti communiste -Reformists in Germany's Social-Democratic party -The Communist Manifesto - The Communist Manifesto -The Communist Manifesto -The Communist Manifesto -The Heroes of the Exile!

Matera, Lia-Fonti: Lia Matera Page 

Matsuba, Stephen Bernie Using VRML

Mattei Carlo Volapük - Nozioni compendiose di Volapük Formato solo testo + ZIP -Formato Word 6 + ZIP

Maugham, Somerset Moon and Sixpence -Moon and Sixpence -Of Human Bondage -Of Human Bondage

Maupassant, Guy de: Guy de Maupassant ATHENA-hort Stories of the Tragedy and Comedy of Life

May, Julian Julian May Page 

Mazzini, Giuseppe: Agli Italiani ('53), D'alcune cause che impedirono finora lo sviluppo della libertà in Italia, Della Giovine Italia, Istruzione generale per gli affratellati nella Giovine Italia (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica

McBain, Ed McBain Precinct 

McCammon, Robert R. Robert R. McCammon Page

McCarthy, Cormac Cormac McCarthy Page 

McCarthy, Wil Wil McCarthy Page 

Mccosh, James The Scottish Philosophy

McDermid, Val Val McDermid Page 

McGarry, Terry  Terry McGarry Page 

Mcgarvey, J.W. A Commentary on Acts of Apostles -A Guide to Bible Study-Violists -Violists

McHugh, Maureen F. Maureen F. McHugh Page 

McKillip, Patricia Patricia McKillip Page 

McLaren, Philip Philip McLaren Page 

Mclaughlin Myths and Legends of the Sioux -Myths and Legends of the Sioux

McLeod, Alan: Alan McLeod Page 

McNicoll, Sylvia Sylvia McNicoll Page 

McTigue, G. Gaynor G. Gaynor McTigue Page 

Medbh, Maighread Maighread Medbh Page 

Medeiros,Teresa: Teresa Medeiros Page

Medici, Cambiozzo de (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Medici, Carlo de (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Medici, Cosimo de (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Medici, Lorenzo de: Canzoniere, Comento de' miei sonetti, Novelle, Poemetti in ottava rima, Poemetti in ottava rima (ed. Simioni), Poemetti in terza rima (ed. Simioni), Poemetti in terzine, Rappresentazione di S.Giovanni ePaolo, Rime (ed. Simioni), Rime in forma di ballata (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica, La Nencia da Barberino, Canti carnascialeschi 

Meditz, Sandra & Hanratty, Dennis Islands of the Commonwealth Caribbean: A Regional Study -Panama: A Country Study

Meditz, Sandra &Merrill Zaire: A Country Study

Meehan, Bridget Mary Bridget Mary Meehan Page  

Meglio, Antonio di (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Meglio, Giovan Matteo di (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Melanchton The Augsburg Confession -The Augsburg Confession -The Augsburg Confession

Melville, Herman  Herman Melville Page Yahoo Page Bartleby, the Scrivener -Moby Dick -Moby Dick

Mendel, Gregor Experiments in Plant Hybridization -Experiments in Plant Hybridization -Versuche über Pflanzen-Hybriden-Versuche über Pflanzen-Hybriden

Meredith, George The Victorian Web 

Merimee, Prosper Colomba -Colomba

Merlino, Francesco Saverio (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Merrill, Tim Guyana and Belize: Country Studies -Honduras: A Country Study -Nicaragua: A Country Study

Merula, Giorgio (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Messarra, Nasri Antoine Antoine Nasri Messarra 

Metastasio, Pietro: Achille in Sciro, Adriano in Siria, Alessandro nell'Indie, Antigono, Artaserse, Attilio Regolo, Catone in Utica, Ciro riconosciuto, Demetrio, Demofoonte, Didone abbandonata, Ezio, Il re pastore, Il trionfodi Clelia, Ipermestra, Issipile, La clemenza di Tito, L'eroe cinese, L'impresario delle Canarie, L'Olimpiade, Nitteti, Poesie, Romolo ed Ersilia, Ruggero ovvero l'eroica gratitudine, Semiramide, Siroe, Temistocle, Zenobi (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Mew, Charlotte: Charlotte Mew Page

Meyer, Conrad Ferdinand Die Hochzeit des Mönchs

Michaux, Henri Henri Michaux Page 

Michelson, Mirriam In The Bishop's Carriage -In The Bishop's Carriage

Michelstädter Carlo Biografia di Liber&Liber -Formato solo testo + ZIP -Formato Word 6 + ZIP

Michiel, Francesco (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Michiel, Zuan (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Middleton, Thomas Thomas Middleton Page- No Wit, No Help Like a Woman's -The Puritan -The Changeling

Mikaelsen, Ben  Ben Mikaelsen Page 

Mill, John Stuart  John Staurt Mill Page -On Liberty -On Liberty -Representative Government -The Subjection of Women -Utilitarianism

Millay, Edna Renascence and Other Poems

Miller, Arthur  Arthur Miller, Arthur Miller Page. Notes on the life of Arthur Miller

Miller, Henry  Henry Miller Page,Henry Miller Bibliography of Primary Sources 

Miller, Sasha  Sasha Miller Page 

Milosz, Czeslaw  Czeslaw Milosz Page 

Milton, John Creamer's John Milton Page Milton's Paradise Lost Paradise Lost -Paradise Lost -Four Poems -Four Poems -Paradise Lost, John Milton-Paradise Lost, John Milton -Paradise Lost -Paradise Lost -Paradise Lost -Paradise Lost -Paradise Regained -Paradise Regained -Paradise Regained -Paradise Regained

Minghetti, Marco Fonti, (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica

Minio, Polo Fonti (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Mira De Amescua, -Cautela contra Cautela -Cuatro Milagros de Amor -El Animal Profeta -El Arpa de David -El Clavo de Jael -El Conde Alarcos -El Ejemplo mayor de la Desdicha -El Esclavo del Demonio -El Mártir de Madrid -El Más Feliz Cautiverio -El Palacio confuso -El Rico Avariento -Gambler's House (La Casa del Tahur) -Hero y Leandro -La Adúltera virtuosa - La Adversa Fortuna de don Alvaro de Luna - La Adversa fortuna dedon Bernardo de Cabrera -La Casa del Tahur -La Fénix de Salamanca -La Próspera Fortuna de don Alvaro de Luna -La Próspera Fortuna de don Bernardo de Cabrera -La Rueda de la Fortuna -La Tercera de sí misma -

Los Carboneros de Francia -No hay Reinar como el Vivir

Mirbeau, Octave -Explosif et baladeur -Idées générales... -L'Enfant mort -La Mort du Père Dugué -La Peur de l'Ane -La Tristesse de Maît'Pitaut -La Vache tachetée -Le concombre fugitif -Le Gamin qui cueillait les Cèpes -Le Mur -Le Pantalon -Les Bouches inutiles -Les Millions de Jean Loqueteux -Mon jardinier -Monsieur Joseph -Pantomime départementale -Un Joyeux Drille! -Un Point de Vue - Une Bonne Affaire -Vers le Bonheur

Mishima, Yukio :MishimaThe Mishima Yukio Cyber Museum 

Mocenigo, Alvise Fonti, (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Mocenigo, Leonardo Fonti, (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Moesta, Rebecca Wordfire 

Moliere Dom Juan, ou le Festin de Pierre -Dom Juan -Dom Juan -Dom Juan -L'Avare -L'Avare -L'Avare -L'Ecole des Femmes -L'Ecole des Femmes -Le Malade imaginaire -Le Tartufe -Les Fourberies de Scapin -Les Fourberies de Scapin -Les Fourberies de Scapin -Tartuffe

Molin, Alvise (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica) 

Molino, M. Girolamo (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica) 

Momaday, N. Scott  N. Scott Momaday Page

Moncrieff, William Thomas William Thomas Moncrieff Page 

Mongiò, Stefano (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica) 

Montale, Eugenio Essay on Eugenio Montale, Eugenio Montale,  Eugenio Montale Nobel 1975, The Italian Academy at Columbia University 

Montaigne, Michel Essays

Montanari, Richard Richard Montanari Page

Monti, Vincenzo: Caio Gracco, Traduzione dell'Iliade (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Montgomery, Lucy Maud Lucy Maud Montgomery, Lucy Maud Montgomery Page -Anne of Avonlea -Anne of Avonlea -Anne of Green Gables -Anne of Green Gables -Anne of the Island -Anne of the Island -Anne's

House of Dreams -Anne's House of Dreams -The Golden Road -The Golden Road

Montgomery, Roger Roger Montgomery Page

Monti, Vincenzo Sulla morte di Giuda

Moody, Greg Greg Moody Page

Moore, Christopher Christopher Moore Page

Moore, Marianne: Marianne Moore Page

Moore, Rod Rod Moore Page

Moran, Daniel Keys Daniel Keys Moran Page

Morandi, Niccolò (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

More, Thomas Thomas More Page  Utopia -Utopia -Utopia -Utopia

Morelli, Giovanni di Pagolo (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Moreto, Augustìn El Desdén con el Desdén

Moreux. Th. La Vie sur Mars -La Vie sur Mars

Moritz, Karl Philipp Anton Reiser

Morosini, Domenico: Estratti dalla relazione di Domenico Morosini Ambasciator Ordinario presso Carlo V (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica) 

Morosini, Giovanni: Relazione di Francia, Relazione di Germania (1674) (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Morris, Deborah Deborah Morris Page 

Morris, William Bob Speel's William Morris Page,  The Victorian Web,  The William Morris Home Page A Dream of John Ball -A Dream of John Ball -Child Christopher -Child Christopher -The Well At The World's End -The Well At The World's End

Morrison, Toni Yahoo Page

Mortimer, John John Mortimer Page 

Mosca, Gaetano Fonti, Elementi di scienza politica (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Mosiman, Billie Sue: Billie Sue Mosiman Page 

Mosley, Walter: Walter Mosley Page 

Muir, Edwin Edwin Muir Page 

Muir, John: John Muir Page A Thousand-Mile Walk to the Gulf-My First Summer in the Sierra -My First Summer in the Sierra -Our National Parks -Our National Parks -Steep Trails -Steep Trails -The Mountains of California -The Mountains of California -The Mountains of California -The Yosemite

Mulock The Little Lame Prince -The Little Lame Prince

Mulock Craik, Dinah Maria Poems (1866 edition)

Murphy, Kevin Andrew: Kevin Andrew Murphy Page

Musil, Robert: The Musil Institut Page, Robert Musil 

Musset, Alfred La Confession d'un Enfant du Siècle

Muzi, Piero di Mariano (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Muzio, Girolamo: Battaglie per difesa dell'italica lingua, Il gentilhuomo, Lettere, Rime (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Muzzarelli, Giovanni (Biblioteca Italiana Telematica)

Mysyrowicz, Ladilas MYSYROWICZ, Ladislas: L'Affaire de l'Alabama -L'Armée suisse et l'Education nationale -L'Europe de Versailles et de Genève -L'Image de l'Allemagne nationale-socialiste à travers les Publications françaises des Années 1933-1939 -Le Cinéma d'un Monde en Crise - Le Dr Rothmund et le Problème juif (février 1941) -Les Etudiants "Orientaux" en Médecine à Genève (1876-1914) -Les Premières Etudiantes en Suisse -Neuchâtel en 1836 -Perception des Immigrés à Genève vers 1870

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