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Caterina, da Siena: 50 Lettere (Pdf)

Cervantes, Miguel de: Don Quixote (Pdf);

Chesterton, Gilbert Keith: Various Thoughts (Pdf)

Collodi, Carlo: Le Avventure di Pinocchio (Pdf);

Conrad, Joseph: Heart of Darkness (Pdf);

Cooking: Chines Recipes E-Book (Pdf);

Il Sacro Corano (Testo in Arabo Inglese Italiano) (Pdf);

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature (Html Online);

Experts Talk about the Credit Crisis;

Caramagna, Fabrizio: Linee di seta (Aforismi);

The Book of Common Sense by Thomas Paine (Pdf)

Cabell, J. B.: The Certain Hour;

Calderon De La Barca: El Alcalde de Zalamea; El Médico de su Honra; La Vida es sueño; No hay burlas con el amor; There Is No Trifling With Love;

Calvin, Jean: Institutes of The Christian Religion I; Institutes of The Christian Religion II; Institutes of The Christian Religion III; Institutes of The Christian Religion IV; On Christian Life; On Prayer;

Calvin, W.:William Calvin Page;

Calvino, Italo: Hong's Calvino Page; The Critical Calvino Page; The Italo Calvino Home Page; Pajares Calvino Page;

Campanella T.: La Città del Sole; The City of the Sun;

Campbell, A.: Delusions; The Christian System; Introductory Treatise on Lie's Theory of Finite Continuous Transformation Groups;

Capuana Luigi: Giacinta;

Camoes, L. V.: Eclogas

Camus, Albert: Albert Camus Home Page ; Yahoo Page

Canciani, Laura: Poesia italiana;

Capote, Truman: Truman Capote Page;

Carducci G.: Biografia di LiberLiber; Giosuè Carducci Page; Odi Barbare; Rime e Ritmi;

Carlo, Philip: Philip Carlo Page 

Carlyle, Thomas: The Victorian Web;

Carroll Lewis:Biografia di LiberLiber; Fairrosa's Lewis Carroll Page; Josh Birenbaum's Lewis Carroll Page; Lewis Carroll Home Page; Lewis Carroll Links; The Victorian Web; Yahoo Page; mAlice nel Paese delle Meraviglie; Attraverso lo Specchio; Alice in Wonderland; Alico en Mirlando (In esperanto); Alice's Adventures in Wonderland; Euclid and His Modern Rivals; The Hunting of the Snark; The Hunting of the Snark; Through the Looking Glass; Through the Looking Glass;

Carmichael, R. D.: Diophantine Analysis; A Narrative of Colonel Robert Campbell's Experiences in the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade from 1825 to 1835

Cartland, Barbara: Barbara Cartland Page;

Carubia Francesco: Autori Classici Greci in Sicilia; Formato Html e Zip;

Carus, Paul: The Foundations of Mathematics: A Contribution to the Philosophy of Geometry;

Casey, Joseph: A Key to the Exercises in the First Six Books of Casey's Elements of Euclid;

Catone: Disticha, Book 1; Disticha, Book 2; Disticha, Book 3; Disticha, Book 4; Disticha, Liber I; Disticha, Liber II; Disticha, Liber III; Disticha, Liber IV; Monosticha;

Catullo: Ad Iuventium; Carmina;

Cavalcanti, Guido: Biografia di LiberLiber; Rime Online; Rime Zip;

Cazotte, Jacques: Le Diable amoureux;

Cechov, Anton: Yahoo Page;

Cellini, Benvenuto: La Vita;

Cesare: De Bello Gallico (I - IV); De Bello Gallico (I - IV); De Bello Gallico, Liber I; De Bello Gallico, Liber II; De Bello Gallico, Liber III

Cervantes, Saavedra: Cervantes Project; El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha; Don Quixote;

Chaffin, Kenny: Kenny A. Chaffin Page

Chalidze, Valery: Iphigenia in Georgia;

Chandler, Raymond: Raymond Chandler Page; Yahoo Page;

Chandler, Daniel: Semiotics for Beginners;

Chapin Metz, Helen: Algeria: A Country Study; Egpyt: A Country Study; Indian Ocean: Five Island Countries; Iran: A Country Study; Iraq: A Country Study; Israel: A Country Study; Jordan: A Country Study; Libya: ACountry Study; Nigeria: A Country Study; Persian Gulf States: Country Studies; Saudi Arabia: A Country Study; Somalia: A Country Study; Sudan: A Country Study;

Chateaubriand: Atala; René;

Chatwin, Bruce: Bruce Chatwin Page

Chaucer, Geoffrey: Geoffrey Chaucer Page; Geoffrey Chaucer: Additional Sources; Yahoo Page; The Book of the Duchess; The Canterbury Tales; The House of Fame; The Parliament of Fowles; Troilus and Criseyde; Troilus and Crisyde Zip;

Chesnutt, Charles W.: The House Behind The Cedars;

Chesterton, G. K.: Ward's Chesterton Page; Yahoo Page; Heretics; Orthodoxy; The Innocence of Father Brown; The Wisdom of Father Brown;

Chittenden, Margaret: Margaret Chittenden Page;

Christie, Agatha: Agatha Christie Page; Agatha Christie Icelandic Homepage; Agatha Christie Czech Homepage; Ben Yaffe's Agatha Christie Page; Jo Strong's Agatha Christie Page; Schreiner's Agatha Christie Page; Yahoo Page;

Chomsky, Noam: Deterring Democracy; Dethinking Camelot: JFK, the Vietnam War, and U.S. Political Culture; What Uncle Sam Really Wants; Year 501: The Conquest Continues; Keeping the Rabble in Line: Interviews with David Barsamian; Necessary Ilusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies; Secrets, Lies and Democracy; The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many;

Chopin, Kate: The Awakening & Other Short Stories;


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