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Here You Can Find a lot of Interesting Material

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The Cambridge History of English and American Literature;  (Html Online)

Experts Talk about the Credit Crisis

I quaderni di Tobia di Mauroemme.

Eastwood, Gail: The Electrics' Page;

Eastman, Charles: Indian Boyhood; Indian Boyhood; Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains; Old Indian Days; The Soul of the Indian;

Eberhardt, Anna: Anna Eberhardt Page;

Ecklar, Julia: Julia Ecklar Page;

Eco, Umberto: Umberto Eco Page; The Italian Academy at Columbia University; The Umberto Eco Page; Yahoo Page; De Biblioteca;

Edghill, Rosemary: S. Lee's Rosemary Edghill Page;

Eddington, A.S.: Stars and Atoms;

Eliot, George: George Eliot Page; Adam Bede; Middlemarch; Poems; Silas Marner;

Eliot,Thomas Stern: R. Camden's T.S. Eliot Page; Yahoo Home Page; Prufrock, and Other Observations; The Sacred Wood: Essays on Poetry and Criticism;

Elliott, Kate:  Kate Elliott Page;

Ellison, Harlan: Harlan Ellison Page;

Eluard, Paul: Paul Eluard Page;

Emerson, Kathy Lynn:  Kathy Lynn Emerson Page;

Emerson, Ralph: Man the Reformer; The American Scholar; The Method of Nature;

Engels, Friedrich: Anti-Dühring; Bruno Bauer and Early Christianity; England's XVII th c. Revolution; History of the Communist League; Le Rôle du Travail dans la Transformation du Singe en Homme;

Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy; On Authority; On The History of Early Christianity; Outlines of a Critique of Political Economy; Principles of Communism; Socialism, Utopian and Scientific; Socialisme utopique et Socialisme scientifique; Synopsis of Marx's Capital; The Housing Question; The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State; The Part Played by Labour in the Transition From Ape to Man; The Peasant Question in France and Germany; The Peasants' War in Germany; The Prussian Military Question and the German Workers' Party; What Have the Working Classes to Do with Poland?;

Engels Friedrich e Marx Karl: Manifesto del Partito Comunista On-line; Manifesto Zip;

Engstrom, Elizabeth: Elizabeth Engstrom Page;
Epicuro: Biografia Online; Lettera sulla Felicità a Meneceo;

Epitteto: Biografia di Liberliber; Manuale di Epitteto; Le Manuel d'Epictète; The Discourses; The Enchiridion, or Manual;

Erasmo da Rotterdam: Biografia Online; Elogio della Follia Online; Elogio della Follia zip; All the Familiar Colloquies of Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam, Concerning Men, Manners, and Things; Complete On-Line works; The Praise of Folly;

Erckmann-Chatrian: Histoire d'un conscrit de 1813;

Erodoto: Histories; The History of Herodotus;

Eschine: Against Ctesiphon; Against Timarchus; On the Embassy;

Eschilo: Agamemnon; Complete existing Plays; Eumenides; Libation Bearers; Persians; Prometheus Bound; Seven Against Thebes; Suppliant Maidens; The Choephori; The Suppliants;

Esiodo: Shield of Heracles; Theogony; Works and Days;

Esopo: Aesop's Fables;

Etchemendy, Nancy: Nancy Etchemendy Page;

Euripide: Alcestis; Andromache; Bacchae; Chrysippus; Complete existing Plays; Andromache; Cyclops; Alcestis; Electra; Hecuba; Helen; Heracles; Heraclidae; Hippolytus; Ion; Iphigeneia in Aulis; Iphigeneia in Taurus; Iphigenia At Aulis; Iphigenia in Tauris ; Medea; Orestes; Phoenician Women; Rhesus; Suppliants; The Bacchantes; The Cyclops; The Heracleidae; The Phoenissae; The Suppliants; The Trojan Women;

Evans, D. R: The Palindore Chronicles;

Evelyn, John: An Essay on the First Book of T. Lucretius Carus De Rerum Natura;


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