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AESTHETICS  (the reality knew through our senses)

Apparent truth. Appearance and existence are one and the same, for that which exists, appears. Therefore, in so far as it appears, appearance and truth coincide.   Ken Hunter

Of prophesy. Isn't a prophet someone who, in every field of knowledge, is able with more vision to penetrate the law that governs becoming?   Ken Hunter

Of becoming. In becoming being passes from potentiality (possibility) to reality by realizing itself in the modes or laws of existence. A game, because it is in playing that potentiality is expressed, its only objective being to "re-create" itself.      Ken Hunter

Apparent truth. Error does not exist except as partial truth: bound by the physiognomic capacity of the observer.
Ken Hunter

Mental pathology. The "beyond" and the spirit could only come about in the land of mirages, thus always remaining connected: to thirst, optical illusions, physiological imbalances.   Ken Hunter

Potentiality and actuality. Nought in potentiality is non-being* in actuality. *(in italian: non-essere = not to be and/or non being)     Ken Hunter

Scientific errors. The error of science is not so much in the laws discovered, as in the lack of direction of those who apply them: in their own failure to see the whole in each of its own parts.   Ken Hunter

Points of view. Subjectivity is not so much an error as an inferior point of view.     Ken Hunter

Spectroscopy of knowledge. Modern astronomy is undoubtedly glaring proof: knowledge is light, and from the study of it knowledge comes to us.    Ken Hunter

Vicious circle. "... and just thinking about his own thought ..." a dog began one day chasing his own tail.   Ken Hunter

Transcendental aesthetics. From the magic of astrology to the science of astronomy: man has read, and still reads the cosmos, looking to unlock the mystery of his own pre-scribed fate.    Ken Hunter

Retroactivity. If the law of creation did not re-create itself, could we non the less call it by that name?   Ken Hunter

The part and the whole. Each part, by realizing its own essence, plays its own part in realizing the whole.   Ken Hunter

Multiverse. The "beyond" is in fact another cosmic world: upon some lost planet light years away from our trivial place.    Ken Hunter

Transcendental aesthetics. Matter is merely the name chosen by Man for the definition of an aesthetically ordered (transcendental idea) of qualities perceptible to the human senses: the principal mental category of practical life.    Ken Hunter

Historical perspectives. Time, which Man perceives as being linear in the brief span of time available to him, could very well be circular.    Ken Hunter

On participation. The whole is one, yet each participates in it in his own way.   Ken Hunter

Final revelations. Once he has unveiled all the paradoxical mysteries of the Cosmos, Man will reveal the essence of his own mysterious fate.    Ken Hunter

Historical perspectives. Just as curved space seems to Man to be flat, in the same way the cosmic law seems to us, in a short span of time, to be rational, too.     Ken Hunter

Centering the shapeless. Since the void does not exist: can the universe display any form? That's why its centre is consequently at every point of its own space.      Ken Hunter

Apparent truth. Just as the object is an apparition, so too is the knowledge appearing from it.    Ken Hunter

On divinity. What can be more divine* than the stars and the sun? Yet they too become, are born and will pass. * (in italian: divine = shining, from latin)    Ken Hunter

Philosophical flaws. Any philosophy that is not able to explain the most insignificant or repellent things in life, too, is in itself a trick.    Ken Hunter

Paradoxical truth. The paradox is paradoxical only for the old truth that it replaces.   Ken Hunter

The paradox. "The knowledge that we do not know". The only hypothetical knowledge granted to Man.
Ken Hunter

Re-vealing. Is it surprising that to unveil it is necessary to re-veal*? * (in italian: s-vela = un-veil; ri-vela = re-veal = re-veil)    Ken Hunter 

Being and becoming. Can man, the biproduct of a cosmic cloud, be something more substancial than the cloud itself ?   Ken Hunter

PSYCHOSOPHY ( psychology applied to philosophy )  www.geocities.com/psicosofia

Psychosophy. To explain the world by redoubling it is to redouble the difficulties; to exchange the rising tension of life, the idea of future being, in order not to be "in the beyond".

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