The Proverbs is a collection of ancient wisdom, still recognized today as practical advice. It contains the sayings not only of Solomon, but other sages of ancient Israel as well. The teachings of this book can be applied by everyone from children to young men and women to the leaders of business empires and nations.

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Italian Proverbs and Quotes


Unable to keep yourself, you are keeping dogs.
Proverb, (Latin)

Unaccustomed to wear them, he displays the breeches he has on to every one he meets.
Proverb, (Latin)

Unbending the bow does not cure the wound.
Proverb, (Italian)

Unbending the bow does not heal the wound.
Proverb, (Italian)

Under a bad cloak there is a good tippler.
Proverb, (Spanish)

Under a gold sheath a leaden knife.
Proverb, (Spanish)

Under a good cloak may be a bad man.
Proverb, (Spanish)

Under a ragged coat lies wisdom.
Proverb, (Romanian)

Under a shabby cloak may be a smart drinker.
Proverb, (Portuguese)

Under a tattered cloak you will generally find a good drinker.
Proverb, (Spanish)

Under capitalism man exploits man; under socialism the reverse is true.
Proverb, (Polish)

Under fair words beware of fraud.
Proverb, (Portuguese)

Under his bowl there is a little bowl.
Proverb, (Afghan)

Under my cloak I command the king.
Proverb, (Spanish)

Under my cloak I kill the king.
Proverb, (Spanish)

Under the blanket the black one is as good as the white.

Under the furze is hunger and cold,
Under the broom is silver and gold.

Under the rose. [That which is said sub rosa is not intended to be repeated.]
Proverb, (Latin)

Under the sackcloth there is something else.
Proverb, (Portuguese)

Under the sackcloth there is something hid.
Proverb, (Spanish)

Under water, famine; under snow, bread.

Under white ashes lie often glowing embers.
Proverb, (Danish)

Under white ashes there is glowing coal.
Proverb, (Italian)

Underneath every bush you'll find a mud rabbit ready to bolt.
Proverb, (Darkovan)

Unemployment does not guarantee leisure.

Unequalled in the smallest matters.
Proverb, (Latin)

Union is strength.
Proverb, (Dutch)

Unite to move forward.
Proverb, (Hawaiian)

Unkissed, unkind.

Unknown, unkissed.

Unlaid eggs are a long time becoming chickens.
Proverb, (German)

Unlaid eggs are uncertain chickens.
Proverb, (Dutch, German)

Unless a man is simple, he cannot recognize God, the Simple One.
Proverb, (Bengali)

Unless hell is full no lawyer will ever be saved.
Proverb, (French)

Unless what we do is useful, glory is vain.
Proverb, (Latin)

Unless you enter the tiger's den you cannot take the cubs.
Proverb, (Japanese)

Unlooked-for often comes.
Proverb, (German)

Unlucky in love, lucky at play.

Unminded, unmoaned.

Unplowed fields make hollow bellies; unread books make hollow minds.
Proverb, (Chinese)

Unstringing the bow does not cure the wound.
Proverb, (French)

Until death there is no knowing what may befal.
Proverb, (Italian)

Until lions have their own historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter.
Proverb, (Igbo)

Until spring comes, nightingales do not sing.
Proverb, (Azerbaijani)

Until the lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter.

Until you have smoked out the bees, you can't eat the honey.
Proverb, (Russian)

Unwilling service earns no thanks.
Proverb, (Danish)

Unworthy offspring brag the most of their worthy descent.
Proverb, (Danish)

Up hill spare me;
Down hill forbear me;
Plain way, spare me not,
Let me not drink when I am hot.

Upbraiding makes a benefit an injury.
Proverb, (French)

Upon a slight pretext the wolf takes the sheep.
Proverb, (French)

Upon an egg the hen lays an egg.
Proverb, (French)

Urge the horse close to the turning-post. [Don't let him run
side; keep to the point in question.]
Proverb, (Latin)

Use legs and have legs.

Use makes perfectness.

Use not coercive measures against those in authority.
Proverb, (Latin)

Use power to curb power.
Proverb, (Chinese)

Use soft words and hard arguments.
Proverb, (English)

Use the means, and God will give the blessing.

Use your enemy's hand to catch a snake.
Proverb, (Persian)

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