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There is the falsely mystical view of art that assumes a kind of supernatural inspiration, a possession by universal forces unrelated to questions of power and privilege or the artist's relation to bread and blood. In this view, the channel of art can only become clogged and misdirected by the artist's concern with merely temporary and local disturbances. The song is higher than the struggle.
Adrienne Rich

If You have some ideas about culture, music, art, literature, science, money, finance, love, language, education, humour, marketing and communication, then You can easily join Us!
Carl William Brown and the Daimon Club

The art of creation is older than the art of killing.
Andrei Voznesensky

Contrary to popular belief an artist is never ahead of his time, but most people are far behind theirs.
Edward Varese

For a good artist both introspection and observation are fundamental rules.
Carl William Brown

Considering that all art is political, an aphorism must always be brief, artistic and philosophic, otherwise it can't be at all!
Carl William Brown

All art is quite useless.
Oscar Wilde

It is not hard to understand modern art. If it hangs on a wall it's a painting, and if you can walk around it it's a sculpture.
Source Unknown

A work of art that contains theories is like an object on which the price tag has been left.
Marcel Proust

He bores me. He ought to have stuck to his flying machine. [On Leonardo Da Vinci]
Pierre Auguste Renoir

Art is too serious to be taken seriously.
Ad Reinhardt

Art is a selective re-creation of reality according to an artist's metaphysical value-judgments. An artist recreates those aspects of reality which represent his fundamental view of man's nature.
Ayn Rand

Art is not a study of positive reality, it is the seeking for ideal truth.
George Sand

All art is quite useless.
Oscar Wilde

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
Pablo Picasso

The art of war is of vital importance to the State.
Sun Tzu

All art must be political, on the contrary it is not art, like the useless stuff of some artisans or musicians who try to survive selling their escape and trivial services to the power, more or less consciously!
Carl William Brown

I am an artist… I am here to live out loud.
Emile Zola

Art for art's sake is a philosophy of the well-fed.
Yu Cao

Not even the visionary or mystical experience ever lasts very long. It is for art to capture that experience, to offer it to, in the case of literature, its readers; to be, for a secular, materialist culture, some sort of replacement for what the love of god offers in the world of faith.
Salman Rushdie

Pictures deface walls more often than they decorate them.
Frank Lloyd Wright

Most works of art, like most wines, ought to be consumed in the district of their fabrication.
Rebecca West

Art is the symbol of the two noblest human efforts: to construct and to refrain from destruction.
Simone Weil

The goal of political government is nothing more than the art of controlling the sheep through different guard dogs.
Carl William Brown

Time is money, life is art and business is war, therefore be prepared to fight!
Carl William Brown

Who did you teach the secret and difficult art of trading? Whores. They cost quite a lot, so I had necessarily to learn how to earn a bit of extra money! That's why on Facebook I also founded a page called Trading Lovers!
Carl William Brown

All art is quite useless and so it is the universe.
Carl William Brown

The first mistake of art is to assume that it's serious.
Lester Bangs

People sometimes inquire what form of government is most suitable for an artist to live under. To this question there is only one answer. The form of government that is most suitable to the artist is no government at all. Authority over him and his art is ridiculous.
Oscar Wilde

All great art, and today all great artlessness, must appear extreme to the mass of men, as we know them today. It springs from the anguish of great souls. From the souls of men not formed, but deformed in factories whose inspiration is pelf.
Alexander Trocchi

What distinguishes a great artist from a weak one is first their sensibility and tenderness; second, their imagination, and third, their industry.
John Ruskin

A primary function of art and thought is to liberate the individual from the tyranny of his culture in the environmental sense and to permit him to stand beyond it in an autonomy of perception and judgment.
Lionel Trilling

It is not in life, but in art that self-fulfillment is to be found.
George E. Woodberry

The artist must conceive with warmth yet execute with coolness.

Since all art is political and what's more art is life, and life is art, we must conclude that the real value of all this is shit!
Carl William Brown

Even though I don't like what I usually like, in this case I can neither say that, nor I can think the contrary; but I must admit, irony excluded, that the best art is always difficult to be understood.
Carl William Brown

Art, books, music, travel and photos are certainly much more interesting than prostitutes and what's more they cost even much less.
Carl William Brown

This is my last comment on internet for this year, so I thought it should be fairly good, in order to express my regard for a certain art, even if what a person believes it is fair, for the other one is just rubbish.
Carl William Brown

A broker is a broker, no matter if he deals with weapons, drugs, art, finance, or any other earthly bitch!
Carl William Brown

To the art of being satisfied I prefer by far that of being highly unsatisfied and always angry with this stupid world!
Carl William Brown

Thanks to all the different forms of art the number of stupid people is rapidly increasing!
Carl William Brown

The only real and practical art should be that of killing stupid people, all the other forms are just trivial and useless diversions.
Carl William Brown

When Miley Cyrus should appear on the stage with a banana in her ass, just then I would consider the girl a transgressive artist.
Carl William Brown

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