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Adverbs (Avverbi); Comparatives_superlatives (comparativi_superlativi); Comparativi_superlativi_english_examples

Conditional_sentences (frasi_condizionali) Conditional_Sentences_Examples Conditional_Exercises

(frasi_condizionali_esercizi);  English_articles_(gli_articoli_inglesi);  English_numbers_(numeri_in_inglese); 

English_phrasal_verbs;  Exercises_articles_quantifiers;
  Quantifiers;   Examples_connectors_in_use;  

Future_forms_in_english;  General_table_modal_verbs;  General_verb_table_active_form; 

General_verb_table_passive_form;  Indirect_speech_table;  Direct_speech_reported_speech_(discorso_indiretto); 

Irregular_verbs_list_(verbi irregolari inglesi); Grammar_for_communication;   Passive_form_forma_passiva; 

passive form. (Forma Passiva)
Present_perfect_presente_perfetto;   Present_perfect_simple_past_differences; 

Relative_pronouns_pronomi_relativi;  Subjunctive_In_English_congiuntivo_in_inglese; 

Short English Italian Grammar Summaries;   
Short English Italian Grammar  Word File


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