Company name: ALTAIR ENGINEERING S.r.l.

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Address:  Via Aldo Moro, 13 25124 Brescia Lombardia (Italy)

Telephone: 0039 030 2428001  Fax: 0039 030 2479953

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It has been actively operating on the market for 25 years.

The Prima International has been dealing with diecasting for a long time. Constituted from technical highly qualified engineers and technicians that for over 20 years have planned machine diecasting for aluminum and plastic subjects for important Italian firms. Now it makes its own experience available to the world market and its clients. It is able to furnish machines and complete systems for diecasting productions, and it can assure a high productivity and profitability. Our planners, with computerized methods CAD\CAM, realize systems according to avant-garde technologies. The Prima International not only deals with the construction and installation of diecasting, but it is also able to complete all the necessary automatisms and peripherals to assure a complete hygh quality automatic production cyle.

Altair International is able to furnish cold chamber diecasting machines with the following range of tonnage:
TYPE PL250-420-650-850-1000-1200-1600-2000-2500-2800-3200-3700-4200.
Cold Chamber with two Type PC from 600 to 5000 TONN. Particular versions on request of the client can be performed. We can see in the different photos of our web site a meaningful series of these cold chamber diecasting machines, plants and equipments.


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