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  - Realize your ideal bathroom following tastes personal and trends: To leave from your selection of the products of bathroom furniture, nurse you in a choice suitable to the environment to satisfy the requirement of space and comfort.

  - Sale and installation furniture bathroom; saunas; idromassaggio; idrocabine complete with radio; telephone; display; Turkish bathroom. Complements of Termoarredo, radiators for the wealth house, aesthetic and functional and the comfort.

  - Supply and laying sanitary, tiles and accessories. Bathrooms reorganizations and kitchens complete in 7 key days in hand; design, advice and complete assistence bound for the customer.

  - Plumbing realization industrial civilians, plants of conditioning and air-conditioning, irrigation of gardens, installs gpl and methane with certifications release.

  - Accessory bathroom, complete reorganizations of bathrooms and flats of small dimensions, solar panels, heating to floor.

  - Consultations and solutions for energy saving and the energy certification of buildings
With the installation of solar panels and boilers to condensation with relative tax-reliefs and fundings.

  - Several energy solutions with the installation of solar panels Universal to natural circulation for the production of sanitary hot water; plates expelling R PANEL for a better comfort and a greater saving; heating and raffrescamento to floor with Systema 70 of ROTEX that guarantees you a pleasant climate both in summer, and winter. (PDF)

  - The Company besides offers free consultations and preventivo hips to your domicile and possibility of taking advantage of favourable fundings at rate zero.  Italian Page

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