An aphorism is nothing else but the slightest
form of writing raised to the highest level of expressive communication. Carl William Brown





Athletics should reduce stress, not increase it.


Mark Allen (1961-, American track athlete)


The perfect no-stress environment is the grave. When we change our perception we gain control. The stress becomes a challenge, not a threat. When we commit to action, to actually doing something rather than feeling trapped by events, the stress in our life becomes manageable.


Greg Anderson (American author, "The 22 Non-Negotiable Laws of Wellness")


You don't get ulcers from what you eat. You get them from what's eating you.


Vicki Baum (1888-1960, American writer)


Pressure and stress is the common cold of the psyche.


Andrew Denton


When you suffer an attack of nerves you're being attacked by the nervous system. What chance has a man got against a system?


Russell Hoban (1925-, American author)


In this world without quiet corners, there can be no easy escapes from history, from hullabaloo, from terrible, unquiet fuss.


Salman Rushdie (1948-, Indian-born British author)


Brain cells create ideas. Stress kills brain cells. Stress is not a good idea.


Richard Saunders


Mental tensions, frustrations, insecurity, aimlessness are among the most damaging stressors, and psychosomatic studies have shown how often they cause migraine headache, peptic ulcers, heart attacks, hypertension, mental disease, suicide, or just hopeless unhappiness.


Hans Selye (1907-1982, Canadian physician born in Austria, research on stress)


For fast-acting relief try slowing down.


Lily Tomlin (1939-, American comedienne)


I have more zits now than I did as a teenager. Stress zits.


Tiffani-Amber Thiessen (1974-, American actress)


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