An aphorism is nothing else but the slightest
form of writing raised to the highest level of expressive communication. Carl William Brown





There is no way in which to understand the world without first detecting it through the radar -- net of our senses.


Diane Ackerman (1948-, American poet, writer, naturalist)


We live on the leash of our senses.


Diane Ackerman (1948-, American poet, writer, naturalist)


We are all instruments endowed with feeling and memory. Our senses are so many strings that are struck by surrounding objects and that also frequently strike themselves.


Denis Diderot (1713-1784, French philosopher)


Our ideas are the offspring of our senses; we are not more able to create the form of a being we have not seen, without retrospect to one we know, than we are able to create a new sense. He whose fancy has conceived an idea of the most beautiful form must have composed it from actual existence.


Henry Fuseli (1741-1825, Swiss-born British artist, critic)


Taste is only to be educated by contemplation, not of the tolerably good but of the truly excellent. I therefore show you only the best works; and when you are grounded in these, you will have a standard for the rest, which you will know how to value, without overrating them.


Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749-1832, German poet, dramatist, novelist)


The senses do not deceive us, but the judgment does.


Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749-1832, German poet, dramatist, novelist)


Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles and all the years we have lived.


Helen Keller (1880-1968, American blind/deaf author, lecturer, amorist)


Reason is the cause of our falsification of the evidence of the senses. In so far as the senses show becoming, passing away, change, they do not lie.


Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900, German philosopher)


Half of us are blind, few of us feel, and we are all deaf.


Sir William Osler (1849-1919, Canadian physician)


Each day I live in a glass room unless I break it with the thrusting of my senses and pass through the splintered walls to the great landscape.


Mervyn Peake (1911-1968, British author, artist)


I was afraid that by observing objects with my eyes and trying to comprehend them with each of my other senses I might blind my soul altogether.


Socrates (BC 469-399, Greek philosopher of Athens)


I never know whether to pity or congratulate a man on coming to his senses.


William M. Thackeray (1811-1863, Indian-born British novelist)


The five senses are horse sense, innocence, common sense, concupiscence, and nonsense.


Author Unknown


Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul.


Oscar Wilde (1856-1900, British author, wit)


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