An aphorism is nothing else but the slightest
form of writing raised to the highest level of expressive communication. Carl William Brown





Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.


William Blake (1757-1827, British poet, painter)


Let your rule in reference to your social desires be this. Pray for the bad, pity the weak, enjoy the good, and reverence both the great and the small, as each playing their part in the divine symphony of the universe.


Professor Blackie


When ancient opinions and rules of life are taken away, the loss cannot possibly be estimated. From that moment, we have no compass to govern us, nor can we know distinctly to what port to steer.


Edmund Burke (1729-1797, British political writer, statesman)


There are two great rules of life; the one general and the other particular. The first is that everyone can, in the end, get what he wants, if he only tries. That is the general rule. The particular rule is that every individual is, more or less, an exception to the rule.


Samuel Butler (1612-1680, British poet, satirist)


Don't talk to me about rules, dear. Wherever I stay, I make the goddamn rules.


Maria Callas


Young men know the rules, but old men know the exceptions.


Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894, American author, wit, poet)


The first rule to tinkering is to save all the parts.


Paul Erlich


Rules and models destroy genius and art.


William Hazlitt (1778-1830, British essayist)


If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.


Katharine Hepburn (1907-2003, American actress, writer)


You are remembered for the rules you break.


Douglas Macarthur (1880-1964, American army general during WW II)


There is no more important rule of conduct in the world than this: attach yourself as much as you can to people who are abler than you and yet not so very different that you cannot understand them.


Georg C. Lichtenberg (1742-1799, German physicist, satirist)


The fewer rules a coach has, the fewer there are for a player to break.


John Madden (1936-, American football coach)


There are no exceptions to the rule that everybody likes to be an exception to the rule.


Charles Osgood


I don't go by the rule book.  I lead from the heart, not the head.


Princess Diana (1961-1997, British Princess)


The golden rule is that there are no golden rules.


George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950, Irish-born British dramatist)


Absolutely speaking, Do unto others as you would that they should do unto you is by no means a golden rule, but the best of current silver. An honest man would have but little occasion for it. It is golden not to have any rule at all in such a case.


Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862, American essayist, poet, naturalist)


It is a good idea to obey all the rules when you're young just so you'll have the strength to break them when you're old.


Mark Twain (1835-1910, American humorist, writer)


Don't learn safety rules simply by accident


Author Unknown


Nordstrom's Rules for Employees: Rule # 1: Use your good judgment in all situations There are no additional rules


Author Unknown


Practicing the Golden Rule is not a sacrifice; it is an investment.


Author Unknown


When everything else fails read the instructions.


Author Unknown


Whoever has the gold makes all the rules.


Author Unknown


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