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Like happiness, philanthropy was born a twin. The giving that proceeds from a desire for personal credit or satisfaction may be tax-deductible, but it is scarcely philanthropy.


Emerson F. Andrews


Philanthropist. A rich (and usually bald) old gentleman who has trained himself to grin while his conscience is picking his pocket.


Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914, American author, editor, journalist, "The Devil's Dictionary")


To enjoy a good reputation give publicly, and steal privately.


Josh Billings (1815-1885, American humorist, lecturer)


Philanthropy is not a matter of the rich helping the non-rich; it's the community extending itself out to the community.


Herman J. Blake


Philanthropy is an expression of man's concern for man.


Charles E. Bradford


Philanthropy is not a geographic term.


Charles D. Brooks


If the barricades went up in our streets and the poor became masters, I think the priests would escape, I fear the gentlemen would; but I believe the gutters would simply be running with the blood of philanthropists.


Gilbert K. Chesterton (1874-1936, British author)


The most effective philanthropy helps people help themselves and preserves their self-respect. But government should not diminish its role in providing human services, since the financial impact of philanthropy is about one-tenth that of all levels of government.


Eugene C. Dorsey


The worst of charity is that the lives you are asked to preserve are not worth preserving.


Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882, American poet, essayist)


Inside every woman is a potential major philanthropist waiting to emerge.


Joan M. Fisher


Philanthropy is a ministry.


Arthur C. Frantzreb


The word philanthropy has its roots in the Greek language meaning "love for mankind." It was never meant to apply only to donors of thousands or millions of dollars.


Arthur C. Frantzreb


The work of philanthropy has no parallel in this country in our day. And we must bring to this work a dedication, a love, an interest, an importance and an urgency which show through to every volunteer we enlist and every prospect we solicit.


James W. Frick


I love my fellow creatures -- I do all the good I can -- yet everybody says I'm such a disagreeable man!


W. S. Gilbert (1836-1911, British librettist)


When lack of funds prevents hospitals from functioning efficiently and fully, private philanthropy of all kinds must help. The difference it makes in terms of human betterment, represents the kind of happiness that money really can buy.


Henry T. Heald


Philanthropy, like Red Cross voluntarism, is realizing the enhancing influence of cultural diversity. Inviting the full participation of all the community's resources leads to win-win situations.


Gwen Jackson


Do good through philanthropy, make money, have fun, all at the same time.


George M. Jarn


He is one of those wise philanthropists who, in a time of famine, would vote for nothing but a supply of toothpicks.


Douglas William Jerrold (1803-1857, British humorist, playwright)


All philanthropy... is only a savory fumigation burning at the mouth of a sewer. This incense offering makes the air more endurable to passers-by, but it does not hinder the infection in the sewer from spreading.


Ellen Key (1849-1926, Swedish author, feminist)


Philanthropy is commendable, but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook the circumstances of economic injustice which make philanthropy necessary.


Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968, American Civil Rights leader, Nobel Prize winner, 1964)


Philanthropy, like charity, must begin at home.


Charles Lamb (1775-1834, British essayist, critic)


Philanthropy flows from a loving heart not an overstuffed pocketbook.


Douglas M. Lawson


Philanthropy is the mystical mingling of a joyous giver, an artful asker, and a grateful recipient.


Douglas M. Lawson


Philanthropy is the secret that unlocks the storehouse of life's blessings.


Douglas M. Lawson


The philanthropic experience is the healthiest way to live life fully.


Douglas M. Lawson


To insure the continuity of philanthropy, we must instill in kids the values and attitudes that will enable them to see charity as a vital part of their lives.


Mary Leonard


To insure the continuity of philanthropy, we must instill in kids the values and attitudes that will enable them to see charity as a vital part of their lives.


Mary Leonard


Philanthropy is one of the most hopeful characteristics of our time.


Mary Livermore


Philanthropy is the rent we pay for the joy and privilege we have for our space on this earth.


Jerold Panas


Do we live for or do we live off philanthropy?


Robert L. Payton


Philanthropy is an important subject of liberal education because it examines the role of good works in shaping our conceptions of the good society and the good life.


Robert L. Payton


Philanthropy is the duty of how we should behave when things go wrong for people, and how we can help to make things better for everyone -- voluntarily, without being required to do it by the government, and for others, without private gain for ourselves.


Robert L. Payton


Philanthropy is the principal social institution that provides instruction in voluntary service.


Robert L. Payton


Philanthropy requires thought, action, and passion.


Robert L. Payton


The philanthropic tradition is older than democracy, older than Christianity, and older than higher education. It gives form and purpose to personal and social life that cannot be provided by the self-interest of economic enterprise or required by the mandate of political institutions.


Robert L. Payton


We cannot preserve philanthropic and charitable values if we detach them completely from our fundamental personal beliefs and convictions.


Robert L. Payton


Those who give hoping to be rewarded with honor are not giving, they are bargaining.


Philo (2nd century, Byzantine scientist)


The last, best fruit which comes to late perfection, even in the kindliest soul, is tenderness toward the hard, forbearance toward the unforbearing, warmth toward the cold, philanthropy toward the misanthropic.


Jean Paul Richter (1763-1825, German novelist)


I was trained from the beginning to work, to save, and to give.


John D. Rockefeller Jr.


Long ago I lost the joy in living. The only joy I have is in my giving.


John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937, American industrialist, philanthropist, founder Exxon)


Philanthropy lies at the heart of human greatness.


Patrick J. Ryan


Philanthropic dollars are not free. They have to be earned with excellence and performance, with patience and long suffering.


Paul H. Schneiler


The vineyards of philanthropy are pleasant places, and I would hope good men and women will be drawn there.... If these vineyards are to thrive and bear their best fruit, they must always have first-class attention.


Harold J. Seymour


When it comes to philanthropy, write a check your heart can cash.


Jackie A. Strange


Philanthropy is almost the only virtue which is sufficiently appreciated by mankind.


Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862, American essayist, poet, naturalist)


Apart from the ballot box, philanthropy presents the one opportunity the individual has to express his meaningful choice over the direction in which any society will progress.


Author Unknown


Definition of a philanthropist: A generous person despised by relatives.


Author Unknown


Philanthropists are people who give away what they could be getting back.


Author Unknown


Philanthropy proves that though money is the root of all evil, it is also the route of much good.


Author Unknown


The path of philanthropy is filled with toll stations.


Author Unknown


Philanthropic people lose all sense of humanity. It is their distinguishing characteristic.


Oscar Wilde (1856-1900, British author, wit)


Boredom is the legitimate kingdom of the philanthropic.


Virginia Woolf (1882-1941, British novelist, essayist)


Philanthropy is the one institution in America, even beyond education, that has a sixth sense of how to recognize and exploit human creativity.


Paul N. Ylvisaker


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