An aphorism is nothing else but the slightest
form of writing raised to the highest level of expressive communication. Carl William Brown





You can do anything in this world you want to do if you want to do it badly enough -- and you are willing to pay the price!


Mary Kay Ash (1918-2001, American businesswoman, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics)


You can do anything in this world you want to do if you want to do it badly enough -- and you are willing to pay the price!


Mary Kay Ash (1918-2001, American businesswoman, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics)


In life as in the dance: Grace glides on blistered feet.


Alice Abrams


The worth of every conviction consists precisely in the steadfastness in which it is held.


Jane Addams (1860-1935, American writer, social reformer)


Whatever the job you are asked to do at whatever level, do a good job because your reputation is your resume.


Madeleine Albright


Whatever muscles I have are the product of my own hard work and nothing else.


Evelyn Ashford (1957-, American track athlete)


In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.


Margaret Atwood (1939-, Canadian novelist, poet, critic)


People should tell their children what life is all about -- it's about work.


Lauren Bacall (1924-, American actress)


With the power of conviction, there is no sacrifice.


Pat Benatar (1953-, American singer)


Ease brings sport and sport brings rest; For young and old, of all degrees, The mingled lot is best.


Joanna Baillie (1762-1851, British Romantic writer)


When people go to work, they shouldn't have to leave their hearts at home.


Betty Bender


The happiest excitement in life is to be convinced that one is fighting for all one is worth on behalf of some clearly seen and deeply felt good.


Ruth Benedict (1887-1948, American anthropologist)


Work, alternated with needful rest, is the salvation of man or woman.


Antoinette Brown Blackwell


The only difference between dreams and achievements is hard work.


Chris Bollwage.


I care. I care a lot. I think of"Cosmopolitan" all day, and I run scared. So it's a combination of fright, caring, and anxiety.


Helen Gurley Brown (1922-, American businesswoman, founder of Cosmopolitan Magazine)


The only thing that separates successful people from the ones who aren't is the willingness to work very, very hard.


Helen Gurley Brown (1922-, American businesswoman, founder of Cosmopolitan Magazine)


I believe you are your work. Don't trade the stuff of your life, time, for nothing more than dollars. That's a rotten bargain.


Rita Mae Brown (1944-, American writer)


To bring one's self to a frame of mind and to the proper energy to accomplish things that require plain hard work continuously is the one big battle that everyone has. When this battle is won for all time, then everything is easy.


Thomas A. Buckner


I have worked all my life, wanted to work all my life, needed to work all my life.


Liz Carpenter (American writer)


Marriage ain't easy but nothing that's worth much ever is.


Lillian Carter


There is clearly much left to be done, and whatever else we are going to do, we had better get on with it.


Rosalynn Carter


When I can no longer create anything, I'll be done for.


Coco Chanel (1883-1971, French couturier)


If you're in a good profession, it's hard to get bored, because you're never finished -- there will always be work you haven't done.


Julia Child (1912-2004, American gourmet cook, author, and television personality)


Hard work has made it easy. That is my secret. That is why I win.


Nadia Comaneci (1961-, Romanian gymnast)


Work is a substitute "religious" experience for many workaholics.


Mary Daly (1928-, American feminist and theological writer)


The difference between possible and impossible is hard work and commitment.


Robert Dole


Work means so many things! So many! Among other things, work also means freedom.... Without it even the miracle of love is only a cruel deception.


Eleanora Duse


There is no substitute for hard work.


Thomas A. Edison (1847-1931, American inventor, founder of GE)


Working hard overcomes a whole lot of other obstacles. You can have unbelievable intelligence, you can have connections, and you can have opportunities fall out of the sky. But in the end, hard work is the true, enduring characteristic of successful people.


Marsha Evans


I realized that with hard work, the world was your oyster. You could do anything you wanted to do. I learned that at a young age.


Chris Evert (1954-, American tennis player)


I learned the value of hard work by working hard.


Margaret M. Fitzpatrick (American educator)


If the power to do hard work is not a skill, it's the best possible substitute for it.


James A. Garfield (1831-1881, American President (20th))


When you're following your energy and doing what you want all the time, the distinction between work and play dissolves.


Shakti Gawain (American human potential teacher)


Work is the thing that stays. Work is the thing that sees us through.


Ellen Gilchrist


Love grows by service.


Charlotte P. Gillman (1860-1935, American feminist and writer)


I like to laugh, but on the court, it is my work. I try to smile, but it is so difficult. I concentrate on the ball, not on my face.


Steffi Graf (1969-, German tennis player)


Energy is the power that drives every human being. It is not lost by exertion but maintained by it, for it is a faculty of the psyche.


Germaine Greer (1939-, Australian feminist writer)


The highest compliment that you can pay me is to say that I work hard every day, that I never dog it.


Wayne Gretzky (1961-, Canadian hockey player)


The real nature of an ethic is that it does not become an ethic unless and until it goes into action.


Margaret Halsey (1910-1997, American author)


It is not hard work that is dreary; it is superficial work.


Edith Hamilton (1867-1963, American classical scholar, translator)


Every man should make up his mind that if he expects to succeed, he must give an honest return for the other man's dollar.


Edward H. Harriman (1848-1909, American financier, railroad executive)


I've had smarter people around me all my life, but I haven't run into one yet that can outwork me. And if they can't outwork you, then smarts aren't going to do them much good. That's just the way it is. And if you believe that and live by it, you'd be surprised at how much fun you can have.


Woody Hayes (1913-1987, American college football coach)


One's lifework, I have learned, grows with the working and the living. Do it as if your life depended on it, and first thing you know, you'll have made a life out of it. A good life, too.


Theresa Helburn


I don't think that work ever really destroyed anybody. I think that lack of work destroys them a hell of a lot more.


Katharine Hepburn (1907-2003, American actress, writer)


Whether we call it a job or a career, work is more than just something we do. It is a part of who we are.


Anita Hill


I am fierce for work. Without work I am nothing.


Winifred Holtby


No one has ever drowned in sweat.


Lou Holtz (1937-, American football coach)


Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.


Harriet Van Horne


There is a wild, splendid, intoxicating joy that follows work well done.


Elbert Hubbard (1859-1915, American author, publisher)


I believe in work, hard work, and long hours of work. Men do not breakdown from overwork, but from worry and dissipation.


Charles Evans Hughes (1862-1948, American jurist, politician)


Maintain a good balance. A personal life adds dimensions to your professional life and vice versa. It helps nurture creativity through a deeper understanding of yourself.


Kathy Ireland (1963-, American model)


Work in some form or other is the appointed lot of all.


Anna Jameson (1794-1860, British essayist)


The things I've done in my life have required a lot of years of work before they took off.


Steve Jobs (1955-, American business executive, CEO of Apples and Pixar)


You have set yourself a difficult task, but you will succeed if you persevere.


Helen Keller (1880-1968, American blind/deaf author, lecturer, amorist)


Anyone who thinks hard work will never hurt you has never had to pay to have it done. Jesus now has many lovers of his Heavenly Kingdom, but few bearers of his cross.


Thomas a Kempis (1379-1471, German monk, mystic, religious writer)


Work is a world apart from jobs. Work is the way you occupy your mind and hand and eye and whole body when they're informed by your imagination.


Alice Koller


Work is a world apart from jobs. Work is the way you occupy your mind and hand and eye and whole body when they're informed by your imagination.


Alice Koller


Hard work is the key to success, so work diligently on any project you undertake. If you truly want to be successful, be prepared to give up your leisure time and work past 5 PM and on weekends. Also, have faith in yourself. If you come up with a new idea that you believe in, don't allow other people to discourage you from pursuing it.


Charles Lazarus (American businessman)


The sentimentalist ages far more quickly than the person who loves his work and enjoys new challenges.


Lillie Langtry


I am enjoying to a full that period of reflection which is the happiest conclusion to a life of action.


Willa Lather


You'll never succeed in idealizing hard work. Before you can dig mother earth you've got to take off your ideal jacket. The harder a man works, at brute labor, the thinner becomes his idealism, the darker his mind.


D. H. Lawrence (1885-1930, British author)


A faint endeavor ends in a sure defeat.


Hannah Moore


There are few things that you can't do as long as you are willing to apply yourself.


Greg LeMond (1961-, American cyclist, 3 times winner of the Tour de France)


Workaholics are energized rather than enervated by their work -- their energy paradoxically expands as it is expended.


Marilyn Machlowitz


When a man tells you that he got rich through hard work, ask him whose?


Don Marquis (1878-1937, American humorist, journalist)


Happiness consists in the full employment of our faculties in some pursuit.


Harriet Martineau (1802-1876, British writer, social critic)


Winning the [Nobel] prize wasn't half as exciting as doing the work itself.


Maria Goeppert Mayer


There can be no substitute for work, neither affection nor physical well-being can replace it.


Maria Montessori (1870-1952, Italian educator)


Passion is never enough; neither is skill.


Toni Morrison (1931-, African-American novelist)


Wisdom is harder to do than it is to know


Yula Moses


Our work brings people face to face with love.


Mother Teresa (1910-1997, Albanian-born Roman Catholic missionary)


We can do no great things -- only small things with great love.


Mother Teresa (1910-1997, Albanian-born Roman Catholic missionary)


Busy people are never busybodies.


Ethel Watts Mumford (1878-1940, American novelist, humor writer)


I believe in my work and in the joy of it.You have to be with the work and the work has to be with you. It absorbs you totally and you absorb it totally.


Louise Nevelson


I believe in my work and in the joy of it.You have to be with the work and the work has to be with you. It absorbs you totally and you absorb it totally.


Louise Nevelson


If I am anything, which I highly doubt, I have made myself so by hard work.


Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727, British scientist, mathematician)


Work is its own cure.You have to like it better than being loved.


Marge Piercy


If a man does only what is required of him, he is a slave. If a man does more than is required of him, he is a free man.


Chinese Proverb (Sayings of Chinese origin)


Grain by grain, a loaf; stone by stone, a castle.


Serbian Proverb


He that has a good harvest must be able to endure a few thistles.


Spanish Proverb (Sayings of Spanish origin)


The devil tempts all, but the idle tempt the devil.


Turkish Proverb (Sayings of Turkish origin)


If you don't toil, you won't eat.


Yiddish Proverb (Sayings of Yiddish origin)


Nothing comes easy.


Yiddish Proverb (Sayings of Yiddish origin)


Whoever looks for easy work goes to bed very tired.


Yiddish Proverb (Sayings of Yiddish origin)


The only way to enjoy anything in this life is to earn it first.


Ginger Rogers (1911-1995, American actress)


By working hard, you get to play hard, guilt-free.


Jim Rohn (American businessman, author, speaker, philosopher)

Author's website:


I believe in hard work. It keeps the wrinkles out of the mind and spirit.


Helena Rubinstein (1870-1965, Polish-born American cosmetics manufacturer)


Only by pursuing the extremes in one's nature, with all its contradictions, appetites, aversions, rages, can one hope to understand a little ... oh, I admit only a very little ... of what life is about.


Francoise Sagan (1935-, French novelist, playwright)


Hard work beats all the tonics and vitamins in the world.


Col. Harland Sanders (1890-1980, American businessman, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken)


Each day, and the living of it, has to be a conscious creation in which discipline and order are relieved with some play and pure foolishness.


May Sarton (1912-1995, American poet, novelist)


Every woman is a human being-one cannot repeat that too often-and a human being must have occupation if he or she is not to become a nuisance to the world.


Dorothy L. Sayers (1893-1957, British author)


What we make is more important than what we are, particularly if making is our profession.


Dorothy L. Sayers (1893-1957, British author)


Work hard. Hard work is the best investment a man can make.


Charles M. Schwab (1862-1939, American industrialist, businessman)


Work ... has always been my favorite form of recreation.


Anna Howard Shaw


When I was a young man I observed that nine out of ten things I did were failures. I didn't want to be a failure, so I did ten times more work.


George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950, Irish-born British dramatist)


The strength of the drive determines the force required to suppress it.


Mary Jane Sherfey


There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.


Beverly Sills (1929-, American opera singer)


I do not know anyone who has gotten to the top without hard work. That is the recipe. It will not always get you to the top, but it will get you pretty near.


Margaret Thatcher (1925-, British Prime Minister (1979-90))


Integrate what you believe into every single area of your life. Take your heart to work and ask the most and best of everybody else.


Meryl Streep (1949-, American actress)


Hard work brings prosperity; playing around brings poverty.


The Holy Bible (Sacred scriptures of Christians and Judaism)


I like to deliver more than I promise instead of the other way around.


Dorothy Uhnak


A family that plays together, stays together.


Author Unknown


Hard work is the yeast that raises the dough.


Author Unknown


Hope doesn't guarantee anything; hard work does.


Author Unknown


How well you like hard work often depends on whether you are doing it or paying for it.


Author Unknown


If you continue to work hard, success will follow you.


Author Unknown


If you have talent and you work long and hard at it, anything in the world can be yours.


Author Unknown


Love conquers all, but if love doesn't do it, try hard work


Author Unknown


The daily grind of hard work gets a person polished.


Author Unknown


Work! Thank God for the swing of it, for the clamoring, hammering, ring of it.


Author Unknown


A job is not a career. I think I started out with a job. It turned into a career and changed my life.


Barbara Walters (1931-, American TV personality)


Those who love a cause are those who love the life which has to be led in order to serve it.


Simone Weil (1910-1943, French philosopher, mystic)


The only genius that's worth anything is the genius for hard work.


Kathleen Winsor


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