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Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.


Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821, French general, emperor)


Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.


Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821, French general, emperor)


Glory follows virtue as if it were its shadow.


Marcus T. Cicero (c. 106-43 BC, Roman orator, politician)


Glory, built on selfish principles, is shame and guilt.


William Cowper (1731-1800, British poet)


For glory gives herself only to those who have always dreamed of her.


Charles De Gaulle (1890-1970, French president during World War II)


The paths of glory lead but to the grave.


Thomas Gray (1716-1771, British poet)


The paths of glory lead but to the grave.


Thomas Gray (1716-1771, British poet)


The glory of a nation and an age is always the work of a few great persons, and it disappears with them.


Baron Grimm


Glory is largely a theatrical concept. There is no striving for glory without a vivid awareness of an audience.


Eric Hoffer (1902-1983, American author, philosopher)


No statement about God is simply, literally true. God is far more than can be measured, described, defined in ordinary language, or pinned down to any particular happening.


David Jenkins (1925-, British ecclesiastic, bishop of Durham)


The chief glory of every people arises from its authors.


Samuel Johnson (1709-1784, British author)


Is it not passing brave to be a King and ride in triumph through Persepolis?


Christopher Marlowe (1564-1593, British dramatist, poet)


Military glory -- the attractive rainbow that rises in showers of blood.


Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865, American President (16th))


There is no greater glory than love, nor any greater punishment than jealously.


Lope de Vega (1562-1635, Spanish playwright)


Glory comes too late, after one has been reduced to ashes.


Marcus Valerius Martial (40-104, Latin poet and epigrammatist)


Glory paid to our ashes comes too late.


Marcus Valerius Martial (40-104, Latin poet and epigrammatist)


The final event to himself has been, that as he rose like a rocket, he fell like the stick.


Thomas Paine (1737-1809, Anglo-American political theorist, writer)


Glory is the shadow of virtue.


Latin Proverb (Sayings of Latin origin)


There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory; but boys, it is all hell.


William T. Sherman (1820-1891, American army commander)


Most of the glories of the world are mere outward show, like the scenes on a stage: there is nothing real about them. Ships festooned and hung with pennants, firing of cannon, illuminations, beating of drums and blowing of trumpets, shouting and applauding -- these are all the outward sign, the pretense and suggestion -- as it were the hieroglyphic -- of joy. But just there, joy is, as a rule, not to be found; it is the only guest who has declined to be present at the festival.


Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860, German philosopher)


I have touched the highest point of all my greatness, and from that full meridian of my glory I haste now to my setting.


William Shakespeare (1564-1616, British poet, playwright, actor)


Avoid shame but do not seek glory -- nothing so expensive as glory.


Sydney Smith (1771-1845, British writer, clergyman)


Glory is the child of peril.


Tobias G. Smollett (1721-1771, Scottish novelist, surgeon)


The nearest way to glory is to strive to be what you wish to be thought to be.


Socrates (BC 469-399, Greek philosopher of Athens)


Love of glory can only create a great hero; contempt of glory creates a great man.


Charles Maurice De Talleyrand (1754-1838, French statesman)


There's no glory like those who save their country.


Lord Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892, British poet)


The glory of young men is their strength, and the beauty of old men is their gray head.


The Holy Bible (Sacred scriptures of Christians and Judaism)


Real glory springs from the silent conquest of ourselves.


Joseph P. Thompson


I will not by the noise of bloody wars and the dethroning of kings advance you to glory: but by the gentle ways of peace and love.


Thomas Traherne (1636-1674, British clergyman, poet, mystic)


God gave man the challenge of raw materials -- not the ease of finished things. He left the pictures unpainted and the music unsung and the problems unsolved, that man might know the joys and glories of creation.


Author Unknown


The fire of glory is the torch of the mind.


Author Unknown


True glory lies in noble deeds.


Author Unknown


All glory comes from daring to begin.


Eugene F. Ware (1841-1911, American lawyer, poet)


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