An aphorism is nothing else but the slightest
form of writing raised to the highest level of expressive communication. Carl William Brown





Concentrate your strengths against your competitor's relative weaknesses.


Bruce Henderson (American businessman, CEO of Boston Consulting Group)


A generation which has passed through the shop has absorbed standards and ambitions which are not of those of spaciousness, and cannot get away from them. Everything with them is done as though for sale, and they naturally have in view the greatest possible benefit, profit and that end of the stuff that will make the best show.


Alexander Herzen (1812-1870, Russian journalist, political thinker)


The five steps in teaching an employee new skills are preparation, explanation, showing, observation and supervision.


Harold Hook (American businessman, CEO of American General)


People want economy and they'll pay almost any price to get it.


Lee Iacocca (1924-, American businessman, former CEO of Chrysler)


When the product is right, you don't have to be a great marketer.


Lee Iacocca (1924-, American businessman, former CEO of Chrysler)


There is no substitute for accurate knowledge. Know yourself, know your business, know your men.


Randall Jacobs


The selfish spirit of commerce, which knows no country, and feels no passion or principle but that of gain.


Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826, American President (3rd))


Doing well is the result of doing good. That's what capitalism is all about.


Adnan Kashoggi


If a fellow wants to be a nobody in the business world, let him neglect sending the mailman to somebody on his behalf.


Charles F. Kettering (1876-1958, American engineer, inventor)


When you are skinning your customers you should leave some skin on to grow again so that you can skin them again.


Nikita S. Khrushchev (1894-1971, Soviet premier)


Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage.


Victor Kiam (1926-2001, American businessman, former CEO of Remington)


You can hype a questionable product for a little while, but you'll never build an enduring business.


Victor Kiam (1926-2001, American businessman, former CEO of Remington)


In business, the competition will bite you if you keep running, if you stand still, they will swallow you.


William Knudsen (American business executive)


In business for yourself, not by yourself.


Ray Kroc (1902-1984, American businessman, founder of McDonalds)


In business for yourself, not by yourself.


Ray Kroc (1902-1984, American businessman, founder of McDonalds)


A man's success in business today turns upon his power of getting people to believe he has something that they want.


Gerald Stanley Lee


Get the best people and train them well.


Charles Merrill (1927-, American businessman, founder of Merrill Lynch)


You generally hear that what a man doesn't know doesn't hurt him, but in business what a man doesn't know does hurt.


E. St. Elmo Lewis


The simple opposition between the people and big business has disappeared because the people themselves have become so deeply involved in big business.


Walter Lippmann (1889-1974, American journalist)


Never let an inventor run a company. You can never get him to stop tinkering and bring something to market.


Royal Little (American businessman, founder of Textron)


Never let an inventor run a company. You can never get him to stop tinkering and bring something to market.


Royal Little (American businessman, founder of Textron)


Show business is the best possible therapy for remorse.


Anita Loos (1893-1981, American novelist, screenwriter)


If, when a businessman speaks of minority employment or air pollution or poverty, he speaks in the language of a certified public accountant analyzing a corporate balance sheet, who is to know that he understands the human problems behind the statistical ones? If the businessman would stop talking like a computer printout or a page from the corporate annual report, other people would stop thinking he had a cash register for a heart. It is as simple as that -- but that isn't simple.


Louis B. Lundborg


We're going to see a lot more young people entering entrepreneurial ventures.


Fred Malek (American businessman, president of Marriott Hotels)


Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.


Jim Manzi (American businessman, president of Lotus Development)


If you train people properly, they won't be able to tell a drill from the real thing. If anything, the real thing will be easier.


Richard Marcinko (1940-, American business author)


Business is a combination of war and sport.


Andre Maurois (1885-1967, French writer)


If you have lower than a ten percent turnover, there is a problem. And if you have higher than, say 20%, there is a problem.


William McGovern (American businessman, founder of MCI)


In a start-up company, you basically throw out all assumptions every three weeks.


Scott McNealy (American businessman, CEO of Sun Microsystems)


If you did not look after today's business then you might as well forget about tomorrow.


Isaac Mophatlane


Well, I don't know as I want a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do. I hire him to tell how to do what I want to do.


John Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913, American banker, financier, art collector)


It takes more than capital to swing business. You've got to have the A. I. D. degree to get by -- Advertising, Initiative, and Dynamics.


Ren Mulford Jr.


The commercial class has always mistrusted verbal brilliancy and wit, deeming such qualities, perhaps with some justice, frivolous and unprofitable.


Dorothy Nevill


If each of us hires people smaller than we are, we shall become a company of dwarfs.


David Ogilvy (1911-1999,  American businessman, advertising expert)


Never write an advertisement which you wouldn't want your own family to read. You wouldn't tell lies to your own wife. Don't tell them to mine. Do as you would be done by. If you tell lies about a product, you will be found out -- either by the Government, which will prosecute you, or by the consumer, who will punish you by not buying your product a second time. Good products can be sold by honest advertising. If you don't think the product is good, you have no business to be advertising it.


David Ogilvy (1911-1999,  American businessman, advertising expert)


The consumer isn't a moron. She is your wife.


David Ogilvy (1911-1999,  American businessman, advertising expert)


The most important word in the vocabulary of advertising is TEST. If you pre-test your product with consumers, and pre-test your advertising, you will do well in the marketplace.


David Ogilvy (1911-1999,  American businessman, advertising expert)


You make the best products you can, and you grow as fast as you deserve to.


Kenneth Olsen (1926-, American businessman, founder of Digital Equipment)


Don't worry about your physical shortcomings. I am no Greek god. Don't get too much sleep and don't tell anybody your troubles. Appearances count: Get a sun lamp to keep you looking as though you have just come back from somewhere expensive: maintain an elegant address even if you have to live in the attic. Never nickle when short of cash. Borrow big, but always repay promptly.


Aristotle Onassis (1906-1975, Turkish-born shipping magnate)


The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.


Aristotle Onassis (1906-1975, Turkish-born shipping magnate)


One of the vices of the virtue of decentralization is that people don't share ideas.


Anthony J. F. O'Reilly (American businessman, CEO of Heinz Foods)


Let love give way to business; give attention to business and you will be safe.


Ovid (BC 43-18 AD, Roman poet)


To succeed in business, it is necessary to make others see things as you see them.


John H. Patterson (American businessman, founder of National Cash Register)


Method goes far to prevent trouble in business: for it makes the task easy, hinders confusion, saves abundance of time, and instructs those that have business depending, both what to do and what to hope.


William Penn (1644-1718, British religious leader, founder of Pennsylvania)


Every business is built on friendship.


J. C. (James Cash) Penney (1875-1971, American retailer, philanthropist, founder JC Penny's)


Business is not just doing deals; business is having great products, doing great engineering, and providing tremendous service to customers. Finally, business is a cobweb of human relationships.


H. Ross Perot (1930-, American businessman, founder of EDS)


If we decide to take this level of business-creating ability nationwide, we'll all be plucking chickens for a living.


H. Ross Perot (1930-, American businessman, founder of EDS)


The magic formula that successful businesses have discovered is to treat customers like guests and employees like people.


Thomas J. Peters (1942-, American management consultant, author, lecturer)


Far too many executives have become more concerned with the "four P's" -- pay, perks, power and prestige -- rather than making profits for shareholders.


Boone T. Pickens (American businessman, chairman of Mesa Petroleum)


The poor man who enters into a partnership with one who is rich makes a risky venture.


Titus Maccius Plautus (BC 254-184, Roman comic poet)


We have yet to see the full impact of the open, global marketplace. By 1997 all raw materials and technology will be available everywhere in the world. The only differences between countries and markets will be skill levels, education, and the level of empowerment of the workplace.


Lew Pritchett (American business executive)


Cut your losses and let your profits run.


American Proverb (Sayings of American origin)


In business partnerships and marriage partnerships, oh, the cheating that goes on.


American Proverb (Sayings of American origin)


Don't open a shop unless you like to smile.


Chinese Proverb (Sayings of Chinese origin)


It is easy to open a store -- the hard part is keeping it open!


Chinese Proverb (Sayings of Chinese origin)


The person who has never been cheated cannot be a good businessman.


Chinese Proverb (Sayings of Chinese origin)


Eat and drink with your relatives, but do business with strangers.


Italian Proverb (Sayings of Italian origin)


Compromise is usually bad. It should be a last resort. If two departments or divisions have a problem they can't solve and it comes up to you, listen to both sides and then pick one or the other. This places solid accountability on the winner to make it work. Condition your people to avoid compromise.


Robert Townsend (1920-, American businessman, president of Avis)


If you don't do it with excellence, don't do it at all! Because if it's not excellent, it won't be profitable or fun, and if you're not in business for fun or profit, what the hell are you doing there?


Robert Townsend (1920-, American businessman, president of Avis)


Make every decision as if you owned the whole company.


Robert Townsend (1920-, American businessman, president of Avis)


A hard thing about business is minding your own


Author Unknown


A vacation should be just long enough that you're boss misses you, and not long enough for him to discover how well he can get along without you.


Author Unknown


Among the worries of today's business executives is the large number of unemployed still on the payroll.


Author Unknown


Business conventions are important because they demonstrate how many people a company can operate without.


Author Unknown


Business is like a wheelbarrow -- it stands still until someone pushes it.


Author Unknown


Business will continue to go where invited and remain where appreciated.


Author Unknown


Leisure for people of business, and business for people of leisure would cure many problems.


Author Unknown


People will go right on preferring to do business with friends.


Author Unknown


The first thing the secretary types is the boss.


Author Unknown


The novice in advertising frequently gives the public credit, for too much intelligence.


Author Unknown


When two friends have a common bank account, one sings and the other weeps.


Author Unknown


You can employ men and hire hands to work for you, but you must win their hearts to have them work with you.


Author Unknown


There's a lot more business out there in small town America than I ever dreamed of.


Sam Walton (1918-1992, American businessman, founder of Wal-mart)


Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.


John Wanamaker (1838-1922, American merchant)


Markets change, tastes change, so the companies and the individuals who choose to compete in those markets must change.


An Wang (1920-1989, Chinese-American physicist, founder of Wang Laboratories)


Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.


Andy Warhol (1930-, American artist, filmmaker)


You don't hear things that are bad about your company unless you ask. It is easy to hear good tidings, but you have to scratch to get the bad news.


Thomas J. Watson (1874-1956, American businessman, founder of IBM)


You have to have your heart in the business and the business in your heart.


Thomas J. Watson (1874-1956, American businessman, founder of IBM)


Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.


John Welch (1935-, American businessman, former chairman of GE)


Our planning system was dynamite when we first put it in. The thinking was fresh; the form mattered little. It was idea oriented. We then hired a head of planning, and he hired two vice presidents, and then he hired a planner; and the books got thicker, and the printing more sophisticated, and the covers got harder, and the drawings got better.


John Welch (1935-, American businessman, former chairman of GE)


What's good for the country is good for General Motors, and vice versa.


Charles E. Wilson (1886-1972, American corporate executive)


Most men are individuals no longer so far as their business, its activities, or its moralities are concerned. They are not units but fractions.


Woodrow T. Wilson (1856-1924, American President (28th))


Business is like war in one respect. If its grand strategy is correct, any number of tactical errors can be made and yet the enterprise proves successful.


General Robert E. Woods (Business executive, president of Sears Roebuck)


I am the world's worst salesman, therefore, I must make it easy for people to buy.


F. W. Woolworth (1852-1919, American business, founder of Woolworth's)


When two men in business always agree, one of them is unnecessary.


William Wrigley Jr. (1861-1932, American businessman, founder of Wrigley & Co.)


In modern business it is not the crook who is to be feared most, it is the honest man who doesn't know what he is doing.


Owen D. Young (1874-1962, American lawyer, businessman, public official)


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