Fill in the gaps to complete the proverbs.

1. Between the devil and the   blue sea.

2. Don’t make a
out of an anthill.

3. Absence makes the
  grow fonder.

After the feast comes the

5. All that 
  is not gold.

6. The apple doesn't 
far from the tree.

7. Bad
travels fast.

8. Barking dogs

9. Beauty is in the eyes of the .

10. Beggars be choosers.

11. The best things in are free.

12. Better a live   than a dead hero.

13. The bigger they are, the
they fall.

A bird in the hand is two in the bush.

15. Blood is
than water.

16. Charity begins at .

17. Clothes do not the man.

18. Don't for tomorrow what you can do today.

19. Don't put the before the horse.

20. Familiarity breeds .

21. The first  is always the hardest.

22. A friend who is a friend who cares.

23. He who is lost.

24. He who laughs , laughs best.

25. If you can't beat them, them.

26. In unity there is .

27. A leopard cannot its spots.

28. Love is  .

29. Love makes the  go round.

30. Make hay the sun shines.

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