Fill in the gaps to complete the proverbs.

1. The grass is always   on the other side of the fence.

2. Still
run deep.

3. Don’t judge a
  by its cover.

Many hands make

5. If it ain’t
, don’t fix it.

6. It’s better to be
than sorry.

7. When in Rome, do as the

8. Better
than never.

9. Don’t bite the that feeds you.

10. Ignorance is .

11. Two wrongs don't a right.

12. The forbidden   is always the sweetest.

13. If you scratch my
, I’ll scratch yours.

The squeaky  gets the grease.

15. It takes two to

16. It is the  of the iceberg.

17. Don’t cross the  until you come to it.

18. killed the cat.

19. Every has a silver lining.

20. Don’t put all your in one basket .

21. Money doesn’t    on trees .

22. You can’t make an omelet  breaking a few eggs .

23. The cat is of the bag .

24. You made your bed, you have to lie in it .

25. Don’t bite off  than you can chew .

26. Where there’s a there’s a way .

27. Always put your foot forward .

28. Look   you leap .

29. Be good, and if you   be good, be careful .

30. Easy , easy go .

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