Fill in the gaps to complete the proverbs.

1. A friend in is a friend indeed.

2. A little learning is a

3. A rolling
   gather no moss.

A stitch in time saves

5. All is well that ends

6. All good roads lead to

is only skin deep.

8. Birds of a feather flock

9. A cat has nine .

10. The early
catches the worm.

11. All work and no play makes a dull boy.

12. Every
has its day.

13. First
first served.

Honesty is the policy.

15. Actions speak
than words.

16. Haste waste.

17. It is no use crying over spilt .

18. Necessity is the of invention.

19. No news is  news.

20. Out of sight, out of  .

21. Rome was not build in a .

22. Practice makes .

23. Spare the rod, the child.

24. The pen is  than the sword.

25. An apple a day the doctor away.

26. Too many cooks the broth.

27. Among the blind a man is the king.

28.   is the king.

29. Strike while the   is hot.

30. You can't have your and eat it too.

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