Must/Have to/Needn't


1. Fill the spaces in the following sentences by inserting must or the present, future, or past form of have to.


1. She _________________ leave home at eight o'clock every morning at present.

2. Notice in a picture gallery: Cameras, sticks and umbrellas ________________  be left at the desk.

3. He sees very badly; he ________________ wear glasses all the time.

4. I ________________do all the typing at my office.

5. You ________________ read this book. It's really excellent.

6. The children ________________ play in the streets till their mothers get home from work.

7. She felt ill and ____________________ leave early.

8. Mr Pitt ________________ cook his own meals. His wife is away.

9.  I hadn't enough money and I ____________________ pay by cheque.

10. I never remember his address; I always ___________________ look it up.

11. Employer: You _______________ come to work in time.

12. If you go to a dentist with a private practice you _________________ pay him quite a lot of money.

13. Father to small son: You ________________ do what mummy says.

14. My neighbour's child ___________________ practise the piano for three hours a day.

15. Doctor: I can't come now. Caller: You _________________ come; he's terribly ill.


2. Use must not or need not to fill the spaces in the following sentences.


1. You ______________ ring the bell; I have a key.

2. Notice in the cinema: Exit doors _________________ be locked during performances.

3. You __________________ drink this: it is poison.

4. We __________________ drive fast; we have plenty of time.

5. You _________________ drive fast; there is a speed limit here.

6. Candidates ________________ bring books into the examination room.

7. You __________________ write to him for he will be here tomorrow

8. We __________________ make any noise or we'll wake the baby.

9. You _________________ bring an umbrella. It isn't going to rain.

10. You ________________ do all the exercise. Ten sentences will be enough.

11. We _________________ reheat the pie. We can eat it cold.

12. Mother to child: You ________________ tell lies.

13. You _________________ strike a match; the room is full of gas.

14. You _________________ turn the light; I can see quite well.

15. You __________________ talk to other candidates during the exam.



3. Fill the spaces in the following sentences by using MUST/CAN'T/COULDN'T or NEEDN'T + the perfect infinitive of the verb in brackets.


1. Did you hear me come in last night? No, I ____________________ (be) asleep.

2. I wonder who broke the wineglass; it _______________________ (be) the cat for she was out all day.

3. You _______________________ (help) him. (You helped him but he didn't need help)

4. I had my umbrella when I came out but I haven't got it now. You ______________________ (leave) it on the bus.

5. He ______________________ (escape) by this window because it is barred.

6. I ______________________ (give) 10p. 5p would have been enough.

7. I saw a rattlesnake near the river yesterday. You _____________________ (see) it. There aren't any rattlesnakes in this country.

8. He is back already. He _____________________ (start) very early.

9. He returned home with a tiger cub. His wife ______________________ (be) very pleased about that.

10. I bought two bottles of milk. You ___________________ (buy) milk; we have heaps in the house.

11. I phoned at nine this morning but got no answer. I'm sorry. I ___________________ (be) in the garden.

12. I left my bicycle here and now it's gone. Someone _____________________ (borrow) it.

13. She went to sleep in the park and when she woke up her watch had vanished. Someone ____________________ (steal) it while she slept.

14. I've opened another bottle. You ____________________ (do) that, We've only just started this one.

15. The machine said, "you weigh 65 kilos", and I said "Thank you". You __________________ (say) anything.


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