Past Simple or Continuous

Past Simple or Continuous

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct past tense.

1. Kim: I hear the lights (*) last night.

    went out

    were going out

2. Paul: I was watching television at the time. The programme (*) intersting, too. But the electricity (*) on again after about ten minutes. I (*) very much of it.

    got /was coming/wasn't missing

    was getting/came/wasn't missing

    was getting/came/didn't miss

    was getting/was coming/didn't miss

3. Ann: Sara (*) down the stairs when the lights went out. She almost (*) over.

    was coming/fell

    came/was falling

    was coming/was falling


4. Mary: Tom and I (*) table tennis at the time.


    were playing

5. Tom: I (*) at my computer. When it (*), I (*) work and (*) to bed.


    was working/happenend/stopped/was going

    was working/happened/stopped/went

    was working/was happneing/stopped/went

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