Fill the blanks with the Past Simple or Past Continuous.

(Do not use capitals)

1. As they (walk) along the road they (hear) a car coming from behind them. Tom (turn) round and (hold) up his hand. The car (stop) .

2. When I (arrive) at the station Mary (wait) for me. She (wear) a blue dress and (look) very pretty. As soon as she (see) me she (wave) her umbrella and (shout) something, but I couldn't hear what she (say) because everybody (make) such a noise.

3. The prisoner (escape) by climbing the wall on the garden where he (work) . He (wear) blue overalls and black shoes.

4. She said that the car (travel) at 40 k.p.h. when it (begin) to skid.

5. She said that she (not like) her present flat and (try) to find another.

6. While he (make) his speech the minister suddenly (feel) faint. But someone (bring) him a glass of water and after a few minutes he (be able) to continue.

7. When I (see) him he (paint) a portrait of his wife.(You like) it? He (only just start) when I (see) it, so I couldn't judge.

8. I (take) my friend to a murder trial the other day. Who (be) tried? A man called Bill Sykes. Was he acquitted? I don't know. They (still listen) to the evidence when we (leave) .

9. I (be) sorry that I (have to) leave the party early, because I (enjoy) myself.

10. As we (come) here a policeman (stop) us. He (say) that he (look) for some stolen property and (ask) if he could search the car.


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