Fill the blanks with the Past Simple or Past Continuous.

(Do not use capitals)

1. Mr Smith never (wake) in time in the mornings and always (get) into trouble for being late; so one day he (go) to town and (buy) an alarm clock.

2. To get home he (have to) go through a field where a bad-tempered bull usually (graze) .

3. This bull normally (not chase) people unless something (make) him angry. Unfortunately, as Mr. Smith (cross) the field, his alarm clock (go) off.

4. This (annoy) the bull, who immediately (begin) to chase Mr Smith.

5. Mr Smith (carry) an open umbrella as it (rain) slightly. He (throw) the umbrella to the ground and (run) away as fast as he could.

6. The bull (stop) and (begin) to attack the umbrella. While he (do) this Mr Smith escaped.

7. When he (awake) she (sit) on the window. She (look) at something in the street, but when he (call) her she (turn) and (smile) at him.

8. Why (you interrupt) me just now? I (have) a very interesting conversation with Mr Pitt.

9. The murderer (carry) the corpse down the stairs when he (hear) a knock on the door.

10. When I (look) through your books I (notice) that you have a copy of Murder in the Cathedral.


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