Fill in the gaps with the right comparative or superlative.

1. It was (good)   driving I have ever seen.

Peter sang (loud) than all the others.

3. The holiday wasn't 
(expensive as) the one we had last year.

4. She's a good student. She works
  (careful) than the others.

5. Would you play
(quietly) please? I'm trying to sleep.

6. I think scuba diving is
(fascinating) than climbing.

7. Dad's car is much
(fast) than mine.

8. They live in a
beautiful house.

9. His anger grew bigger and

10. This test was
(difficult) than the last one.

11. She is the
(good) tennis player in the world.

12. Susan is a nice girl. She's much
(nice) than her sister.

13. This suitcase is
(heavy) than the others.

14. Hotels in London are
(expensive) than in Vienna.

15. Bob is
(tall) than his brother. He is the tallest in his family.


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