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The wine and gastronomy path in the territory of Brescia offers a lot of surprises. Taste, colors and aromas of ancient tradition have been restored and proposed today using ingredients belonging to the territory. The province of Brescia - made of mountains, large lakes, and fertile planes - offers a vast specific assortment of products.

Thanks to the local tradition many variety of these products have been kept alive and therefore it is possible to appreciate the unique flavor of local food in the numerous typical country “Trattorias” as well as in the most famous city Restaurants.

Brescia is a province among the most important in Italy for the production of milk and belongs to an ancient diary tradition. Here you can taste many kinds of cheese, from those internationally protected and patented to the most simple handcrafted. The mountains surrounding this territory are a real paradise for people who wants to enjoy the discovery of kinds of cheese almost impossible to find and of a unique taste.

One of them is the Bagoss, typical cheese of the Sabbia valley; it is hard and low in fat and represents one of the most interesting and researched products also thanks to its unmistakable flavour.

Also the mountain area of the Camonica valley offers a number of diary goods. Their names are sometimes unknown (not only to foreigners): small cheese forms but very aromatic, delicate cheese, mature products evocating mountain flavours, their variety is almost surprising.

The hills of the Garda and Iseo Lakes present a primary production of excellent olive oil, with their harmonic structure and fruity and low acidity taste.
From the numerous olive trees, fundamental components of the lake landscape, a perfect oil is created, characterizing the local as well as the international food. This is a product of top quality even though of a limited output.

The growing international demand has given a push to the cultivation of olive trees and to an increase in its production, always in the respect of the environment with strict control rules and it is thanks to this rules that the quality and the origin can be protected.

The main characteristics of the Brescia cooking is the use of local ingredients in most of the recipes. The typical Brescia food is antique, tasty and rich in personality. Here the chefs are able to wisely combine the land products in delightful proposals. It is just this delicate balance one of the secrets of its success: tradition and innovation are always bound to its territory.

It is curious to see that every area in the territory has nevertheless its own feature, based on local tradition and ingredients, keeping strong their relationship.
In the low land, south to Brescia, (area of hunting, rivers and fertile country plains) excellent cold meat, salami and river fish are proposed.

Garda, Iseo and Idro have a food mainly based on the lake fishes, dressed with olive oil and proposed in different ways; while the mountain valleys have pork meat, salami, cheese pasta flavored with herbs and woods perfumes.

The element distinguishing the food in Brescia is simply the fact to be rich in aromas, genuine, but never informal. The food here always adapts to man and his needs. Maybe this one the reason of the large success that has taken Brescia among the most refined gourmets, who appreciate the combination of healthy products and the respect of a local culture, proposed in a modern way and with great sensitivity.

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