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In order to be enroled in our Daimon Club Association you must first contact us, on Facebbok, or Twitter or writing a letter including your presentation, competences, abilities and and a short description of your activity. In the future, once enrolled, we can discuss about other forms of interesting collaboration which can emphasize one's personal powerful creativity, in fact in case of a friendly cooperation we can accept also animated banners and we can also show them on the most important pages of our Daimon Network.

The enrolment is completely free of charge for no-profit organizations, cultural associations, and emerging artists, while we ask for a symbolic sponsorship when we promote big companies, well-known firms and popular artists, but we can also just agree on a reciprocal promotional collaboration. We can't either take into consideration pornographic, offensive or violent proposals. In all other cases, for private navigators, artists, musicians, writers, associations, schools and personal sites there aren't any problems.

Everything is extremely easy and confortable so we think that doing like this all the members of our site will be able to get a lot of visits and contacts. So, for the time being I can do nothing more but to express my thanks to you, and at the same time I take the opportunity to wish you an exciting navigation. And last but not least keep in mind that cooperation is a very good thing for all those who want to try to improve our difficult and strange world. Bye, Bye and see you soon!

And what's more don't forget that joining us you are going to be sponsored by a lot of artists, writers, and skilfull navigators and experts all taking part of the great and exciting Daimon Club International experience. For more information you can also write to this address: daimonclub@yahoo.com Thank you once again

If on the contrary you don't want to join us, but you want to keep an eye on our activities, visit and join our different blogs or Facebook Pages and Twitter activities.

Carl William Brown

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