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Sometime people lose their cool and do unreasonable things which are not at their own best interest because of lacking self control, the ability to understand emotions and their impact then decides proper action. Self control is often regarded as one of the most important characteristic in the emotional intelligent because it has direct impact on our life. It may help children to have better achievement in their academic by help them remain patient, resist frustration arise from studies and temptation which would preclude them from studies. Moreover, self control is important for one’s career as the management of a company should acquired as they need to calm, clear and focus. In addition, emotional regulation may also help people in interpersonal relationship with their lover, families and others as good control of emotion reduces the chances of conflict which makes others feel bad and have negative recognition of that person regardless of the reason behind. Besides, self control also plays an important role in maintaining harmony in a community by cool our head down and let us think out of the box and help us free from misunderstanding other cultural or divergent of belief. Lastly self-control may also help us to overcome difficulties by help us to let go of the negative feeling which may avert us to solve our problem.
Pastor Jack Hyles

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