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The world is destined to become even more comical; that is why humorists are the real precursors of our future civilisation.
Carl William Brown

He who laughs best today, will also laugh last.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Who in this kind of merry fooling am nothing to you: so you may continue and laugh at nothing still. So said Prospero in the Tempest by W. Shakespeare and that's why you perhaps are saying, a bit of light at last! But the sense of humor is a difficult question to treat, it is the feeling of contrary and opposing things, it is a sorrowful feeling born from life which must teach to die well in good health and merry laughing ! That's why we must get used to death in life and life in death, in fact only doing like that we will be able to gain our everlasting eternity! Religion permitting ! Dont' you think so!

The place where you can amuse yourselves even if you must be careful.
It's a site devoted to humor, above all black humor, or galgen humor. Here you will be able to see a lot of beautiful graphics and you will be able to read funny jokes about everything. There are also sections devoted to nonsense humor, to quotations, poetry, cartoons, philosophy and so on. As a matter of fact here you will find material that concerns the fiercest satire, the thinnest irony, the brightest wisecracks, and what's more a lot of other thematic resources on humor and laghter. You are also lucky because there is a specific english section in constant development!

Carl William Brown

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