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When towards the end of 1997 Carl William Brown registered the first few pages of the Daimon Club website in the main search engines the term Daimon did not appear becuase as a matter of fact it was unknown. Therefore, digitally speaking, it was our association that has had the privilege of inaugurating what would soon have become a real phenomenon. Try to type today on the most famous Internet spider the word Daimon, or Daimon Club and you will immediately realize the real development of the trend.
Carl William Brown

My dear friends, welcome to the Daimon Club fantastic and eclectic world. One of the most sincere outpost where you will be able to meet the surrealistic inheritance. (To read more about surrealism) But first of all let me tell you what kind of place you have just got in. As a matter of fact our club it's a cultural association founded in 1997 by Carl William Brown in order to promote his literary works, but it's not just that. It's also a virtual meeting place made up by more than seven hundred pages, concerning almost every sort of subject.

Our native place is in Brescia, a town situated in the north of Italy, precisely near the Lake of Garda, one of the largest lake in Lombardia. Of course Italian is our mother tongue but since we are perfectly conscious of the importance of the english language we have decided to translate several parts of our site, but unfortunately not everything; it would be too much expensive for us, also because our association is composed by ten web site put together!

So in this introduction I am going to tell you why we decided to call our association "Daimon Club" and how our web site is structured. Let's start from the name " Daimon " that has a greek origin and means "genius" or "spirit". It was a kind of personal guide which used to talk to a person in his dreams. Most famous in the western history is the Socratic Daimon, and so we picked up that name because we intended to create a community of persons who wanted to develop their artistic and intellectual knowledge following the spirit of the new born internet world.

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