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Daimonology Principles

When all the souls had chosen their lives, they went before Lachesis. And she sent with each, as the guardian of his life And the fulfiller of his choice, The daimon that he had chosen.
(Plato, Republic X)

Great Zeus, Father of men, You would deliver them all from the evils that oppress them, If you would show them what is the Daimon of whom they make use.

1) Daimonology gave rise to philosophy and philosophy to all other sciences. Starting from the origins of the principle we are going to arrive at the end of all our research.

2) Philosophy meant as love of knowledge incorporates all the other sciences and therefore it is their fascinating and seductive mother. Nevertheless Daimonology goes further and begins where knowledge ends.

3) Daimonology is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary subject that owes its existence to the genius and its disclosure to the new surrealist, nihilistic and humorist movement and of course to the creative minds of the Daimon Club Group.

4) Daimonology is the discourse on the genius; it is geniality that challenges itself and the whole globality; it is a summary of everything and the synthesis of the universal nothingness. It is the “coincidentia oppositorum” of pain and joy. It ‘s the beginning and the end of every principle.

5) Daimonology is an ideal reality chasing a real ideality. It is an ethical, aesthetic, critical, dialectical and enigmatic synthesis of the global and universal human thought.

Carl William Brown

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