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   Talking about Brescia you have to keep in mind that here you can find a top quality production of wines.
Eight consortiums guarantee the quality of the DOC Botticino, Capriano del Colle, Cellatica, Garda Classic, Lugana, S. Martino della Battaglia, Terre di Franciacorta, and Franciacorta DOCG; wines that are the boast of local producers and an accurate guarantee for consumers.


   Botticino is a small DOC area neighboring Brescia, well-known in the World for its marble, used also for the construction of the White House.
Here the vineyards, clung to the sunny slopes of the pre-alps, heroically survive to the urbanistic pressures, safeguarding the environment as well as the enormous value of tradition and culture based on wine.The warm climate and the favorable exposures of the grounds create the ideal environment for the production of red wines of notable structure, suited to rich and tasty foods as game and roast.


   This area is immediately found on the rocky hills to West of Brescia and is partially coincident with the Franciacorta. Here the wine-growing is sometimes very difficult for the impervious inclinations of the cultivated necks , but fundamental for the safeguard of the territory.Cellatica DOC is very pleasant red wine suited to all meal, rich and well structured but not heavy, rather elegant and balanced.


   You can find, to south of the City of Brescia, in the mean of the Padana Plain, a highland formed by calcareous clayey grounds, the "Monte Netto."
Here, thanks to the characteristics of the grounds and the good exposures, are produced very pleasant white wines, suited to all types of food.


   One of the most famous areas in Italy for wines is with no doubt Franciacorta, a small area extending form nerby Brescia to the sides of the Iseo Lake.
The importance of this area is given by the exceptional quality of its wines, mainly the whites of the classic method "Champenoise": a taste fine and delicate, as well as the flavour make of it a superb sparkling wine, present on the tables of the most celebrated restaurants.


   Another important area for the production of wines is the south-centre of the Garda Lake, extending from the hills of the Valtenesi to the hinterland of Sirmione.
The quality DOC of the Garda area has been mentioned as "Classic", an adjective gathering many meanings among the experts, since this denomination is given only to the very old cultivation vineyard areas and imposes to produce only top quality wines.
The variety of the white and red wines harmonically combines with a highly charming landscape, among hills, olive trees and Mediterranean gorgeous vegetation.


   Confining with the Valtenesi, there is a small area on the back of Sirmione, called Lugana. The wine produced here has colorful reflects (from the bright yellow to most golden tonalities) combined with a unique aroma, immediately recognized for the delicacy and harmony of its taste, rich in personality. The best thing to do is discover this wine with a good plate of lake fish.


   San Martino della Battaglia is a small climatic niche, between the border of the morainic hills and the south hinterland of the Garda Lake: it is partially coincident with Lugana and Garda Classic area. Here the vine of the Tocai has found its environment of election, so much to have been survived in the time to all the external influences and thanks to the low productions and the refined wine-making techniques wines having a pleasant aromatic characteristics are produced.


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