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Val Trompia

Brescia Province


Valtrompia has two souls: the Low Valley, one of the richest industrial areas in Lombardy, and the Medium and High Valley, where nature and silence prevail. The virtual boundary is the town of Gardone Valtrompia, famous worldwide for its arms production that dates back to the 16th century.

Here the land is the real museum. Since ancient times the abundance of minerals and water have favoured the development of iron production and manufacturing. The recent revaluation of this traditional activity has led to the creation of the Iron Route, an itinerary that brings you into the old mines on board a train, accompanied by expert guides. The visit is thrilling, both for adults and children.

The Miniera Avventura route is very amusing, too: you can enjoy the experience of crossing a river suspended to a steel cable, overcome obstacles walking on tree logs, pass on a suspended bridge. Safety of course is fully guaranteed.
Valtrompia has a rich food tradition: delicious cheese, tasty meat dishes, game, trouts from the valley's streams are served in friendly family-run restaurants.

The Trompia Valley complete accomodation structures are composed by 24 hotels with 519 bed, which more than a half placed in Alta Valle (16 establishments with 359 bed places). Then we have two mountain huts (Colle San Zeno and Pontogna,) a Hostel (Stravignino, in Pezzaze), a camping in Collio and from about 800 second houses for 3,000 bed. The restaurants are more than 80.

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