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Val Sabbia

Brescia Province


The Valley known as Valsabbia runs west of the left coast of Lake Garda, stretching up to Trentino. It reaches the peaks of the upper Caffaro valley in the north and includes most of the Brescian eastern pre-Alps.

The high mountains are covered in woods and offer a unique variety of wildlife and vegetation. Among the 2,000 metre high peaks stands Lake Idro, the paradise of nature lovers. At 370 mt. above sea level, Idro is the highest lake in Lombardy and combines the charme of a mountain area with lakeside activities. It is possible to practice any kinds of sport (from tennis to horse-riding) and it's the ideal place for sailing and windsurfing.

The typical upper valley villages boast a rich collection of paintings and wooden sculptures, the carving art being the peculiarity of this area (the tradition has been handed on from father to son for centuries). The Bagolino Carnival, that takes place on the two days before Lent, is a real event: dancers and musicians wearing traditional costumes dance and make jokes in the streets.

The simple, natural typical dishes vary according to season, ranging from mushrooms and game in winter to chicken and mixed grill in the summertime. It is also possible to enjoy lake perch and different varieties of trouts. Local dairy products are also delicious, in particular goat cheese and the famous tasty Bagoss cheese.

In Val Sabbia there are more than 60 Hotels, 20 Bed and Breakfast, 130 Restaurants and Pizzerias, 8 Campings, 10 Holiday Farms and 6 Hostels.

The Lake Idro is the highest lake in Lombardy (it is situated at 370 metres altitude); this small jewel gathers in itself the fascination of the mountain lakes, characterized by their clean waters and their charming views open to the surrounding valleys. This blue spot in the green of nature is set at the feet of the mountains around, easily reachable and surprising for their spectacular views. Its clear waters and the wooded mountains surrounding make of it a inimitable and regenerating place, able to be a relaxing place and in the same time to offer different sports for the younger (mainly sailing and windsurf), or to be the starting point of hikes in the mountains.

Thanks to particular microclimate conditions, in this area there is a variety of vegetation that is usually met at higher altitudes: grassy fields reduce or even interrupt harsh and sharp peaks typical of the Dolomites landscape, while the shapes of a typical mountain fauna reflex in the lake abundant with fish.
Hotels and restaurants, camping and touristy villages, born on the sweet slopes descending to the lake, are welcoming the travellers with an atmosphere of simple cordiality and true frankness.

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