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Val Camonica

Brescia Province


The two most important natural parks in the Alps, the Adamello and Stelvio parks, mark the northern border of Valcamonica.

The valley is one of the biggest in Italy, stretching from Lake Iseo to the Province of Trento. It includes big forests, valleys, rocky mountains, and a close network of paths and refuges that attract sports lovers. The modern ski resorts of Ponte di Legno-Tonale, Corteno-Aprica, Borno and Montecampione are well-known by Italians and foreigners alike. It is even possible to ski in the summer, thanks to the huge Presena glacier that ensures ski 365 days a year.

Valcamonica also boasts a rich historical and artistic heritage. Of particular interest are the rock engravings that tell the ancient story of the Camuni, the population that settled in the valley around 9,000 b.C. Several national and regional parks protect this fantastic collection, that was recognised as a World Heritage by UNESCO: first site in Italy, site n.94
Beautiful little churches and chapels also enrich the small mountain villages; they contain real masterpieces of famous painters and wood-carvers (a traditional activity in the valley).

Today you can still find several skilled craftsmen who create unique works of art. Winter sports (ski, sled-dog, traditional snowshoe races, ice skating), but also trekking, climbing, culture, tasty local cuisine, Italian fashion shops and spas, make Valcamonica a beautiful destination all over the year.

In Val Camonica we have 200 hotels, 272 restaurants, 120 pizza-restaurants, 237 bars, 5 discotheques, 5 campings, 9 holiday farms.

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