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Tourism in Italy is of considerable importance from an economic point of view as this sector has the ability to generate wealth and employment opportunities. Since 1993 the tourist flow, at national level, highlights a constant growth in the total of the arrivals. Examination of tourists arrival trend in Lombardy outlines a more pronounced growth tendency, if compared to the national context, in particularly foreigners tourist flow in recent years has continued to increase, with the exception of the small town of SalÚ. As far as the Lombard tourist movement is concerned in 2004 the total flow of customers had more than 26 million registered days presence for a complex of almost 9,5 million arrivals.

Foreign tourists totalized the 46% of the arrivals, with a tendential increase of +7,5% in 2004. Examining the arrivals according to the nations of origin, we can notice that German tourists are preponderant (17% of the arrivals); at a remarkable distance follow the English ones (10% of the arrivals,) and then the Americans and the Japaneses. Dutches distinguish themselves on average for longer holidays period. The Lombard provinces that present a tourist greater vocation are Milan and Brescia. Milan distinguishes itself above all for the business tourism while Brescia is much more important for the mountain and lake tourism. Other provinces take a minor part in the tourist presence, even if Sondrio, Como and Bergamo offer a naturalistic remarkable panorama.

Lake tourism, as we highlighted before, is preferred by the foreigners. The most requested resorts are the lake of Garda and the lake of Como ones. In the annual comparison, an expansion of the presences in the small towns of the Garda Lake can be noticed. The Lombard mountains constitute the territory that offers the tourist greater capacity, but despite that it absorbs much less than the 15% of the global regional tourist flow. We must not forget however that holidays in the mountain are preferred by the families and the presence in flat or the so-called second house is preponderant. The most popular places are Livigno, the resort of the Valtellina and Ponte di Legno. In comparison with 2003 we can notice a generalized increase of the presences with the exception of Clusone and the Val Seriana.

The summer 2009 in Lombardy can count at least on 3,549 active receptive structures on the territory, more than one out of twelve in Italy, in growth of the 2% a year, with a remarkable increase in the cheap bed and breakfast offer (+16%) and the hostels (+11,3%). The province that offers the greater number of hotels and turist structures is Milan that counts 969 establishments, the 27,3 % of the whole Lombard structures, follows Brescia with 735 enterprises (20,7% ) and Sondrio with 487 (13,7%) . The greater percentage growth between 2008 and 2009 is performed by Lodi (+10%), Pavia (+5,3%) and Como (+4%). Data are concerning the enterprise registered on the local Chambers Of Commerce.

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