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The area of Brescia presents a great variety of landscapes, and the small distance separating its cosy villages, well identified for their touristy feature, from the most industrialized towns, should be surprising for everybody; the clear landscapes, as well as the wild and silent paths, that lead to true fascinating and harmonic environmental jewels.

The hill countryside is mainly expressing itself in the fertile Franciacorta, located in the west of Brescia, as well as in the area costing the low and middle part of the lake of Garda. Austere abbeys and silent towers survey and protect from the top of the Franciacorta hills the precious vines; ancient buildings, where local nobles once lived during summertime, have been accurately recovered and are nowadays offering hospitality to important wine producers or restaurants, where everyone can taste typical and high quality wine and food.

The blue line, marking the horizon of those green vines, is the lake of Iseo. The lake brings a mite and temperate climate, which, favouring the vine growth, gifts the visitor of always different landscapes in all seasons. The small distance in Franciacorta to several cycling tracks allows pleasant bike ridings.

Important and famous writers have adopted this land as their own inspiration. The Nobel for Literature Paul Von Heise loved to exercise in painting among the small villages close to Gardone Riviera, on the lake of Garda; and it is easy to understand how the sweet lake landscapes inspired the poet for his lyrics and pleasant novels...

Also David H. Lawrence was intrigued by the passionate Italian land and curious of its fascinating people and wrote pages of spontaneous love for these places. A passion that brought the writer to state that the lake of Garda is “beautiful like a paradise, like the first design”.

Also the Garda hills are presenting a colourful triumphant and always changing landscape, reflecting in the famous lake.

The Garda lake is well developed from the touristy point of view and well known for its production of excellent olive oil and wines; the vineyards are together with an amazing variety of palms, bougainvillea, olive trees and a typical Mediterranean flora: this is indeed one of the main characteristics of the lake of Garda: to be the north-most Mediterranean lake. The Valtenesi area draws a green scenario of sweet slopes, where small agricultural villages lay, as well as elegant buildings hidden in a luxuriant vegetation.

Close to the lake of Iseo, there is the enchanted landscape of the valley of the “stone fairies”. While costing the lake of Iseo from south to north and after passing some animated villages, you can reach the Zone area, where lays the Pyramids valley. This is one of the most suggestive natural phenomenons, where spires arrive at a height of 30 meters and are covered by a rocky “hat”; they are the result of the water erosion of the earth. Thanks to natural atmosphere agents, the luckiest visitors can often see the unique phenomenon of the fall and the rebirth of new pyramids.

On the background of the Camonica Valley, the Adamello peaks track the typical Alpine landscape, which characterises the north side of the Brescia area.
They are the true expression of the respect and love for nature, and give protection to a rich fauna and a varied and rare flora.

Entering the Valley, the visitor has the feeling that these huge mountains have an ancestral meaning. They give a mysterious sensation, that makes the atmosphere of those places like magic: the unique and universal enchantment of the regional park of Capo di Ponte “Incisioni Rupestri” is meeting the visitor with its more than 30.000 human drawings, rites and scenes of daily life, engraved on more than one hundred flat and smooth rocks; the artistic man's sense and the hardness of the rock are bringing to us the history, the rites, the daily life of the Camuni people. UNESCO has declared the entire area a world humanity patrimony.

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