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The gentle hills between the western suburbs of Brescia and the southern coast of Lake Iseo are called Franciacorta. The name is believed to come from the Latin expression curtes franca, a land not subject to tax payment.

The traditional activity of vine cultivation dates back to the Roman times; the production techniques have changed but the passion for high-quality wines has remained the same. This is why today Franciacorta is The Italian spumante, the only one to obtain the DOCG certification and worldwide recognition. The best wineries are run by friendly producers and are located in charming historical buildings. It is possible to taste local wines, getting to know their characteristic nuances, and to purchase them at special prices.

Local recipes vary from meat dishes in the inland, famous in the past for its livestock markets, to lake fish dishes along the Lake Iseo coasts. In Rovato, for example, you can enjoy the typical manzo all'olio (beef cooked in oil), while tinca al forno (stewed tench) is characteristic of Clusane d’Iseo.

A visit to Franciacorta is a real journey through history. There are several ancient abbeys, castles, 17th and 18th-century palaces that are open to visitors and are part of cultural itineraries of various local associations. Shopping is also a must in the area: wine, salami and local handicrafts such as the famous wrough iron objects - in the 17th century the brusafer (burn-iron) enriched the houses with gates, balconies, pot-bellied window bars, signs and coats of arms.

In Franciacorta we have 74 hotels, 365 restaurants, 150 pizza-restaurants, 230 bars, 8 discotheques, 20 campings, 36 holiday farms.

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