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About 4.500 of paintings, sculptures, graphics and drawings belonging to the Institute Paolo VI are preserved by The Association of Art and Spirituality, in Brescia, permanent exhibition and testimony of the different ways to represent the sacred and devotional subjects by our modern artists.

Apart from the quoted Art Gallery Tosio Martinengo, with its rich artistic collections, it is surely essential to pay a visit to the Monastery of Santa Giulia, nowadays commonly called “The Museum of the Town”, representing the conjunction between the ancient religious structures of the city and its history, and the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, with its collection of paintings, graphics and sculptures, from the year 1800 up till now.

The social and economic history of the province is summarized in the Museum of the Risorgimento, one of the most famous in Italy, with its collection of documents, telling us the valuable Risorgimento age, and the Museum of Weapons “Luigi Marzoli”, gathering the richest collection of weapons divided in ages and types, among which a precious Milan and Brescia production of the centuries XV-XVIII.

The Art Gallery of Evolution in Rezzato will arouse the visitors’ surprise, where the artistic and destructive power of Picasso is placed side by side with the first exceptional painting expressions of very young international painters.

And of course, the Vittoriale of the Italians, the museum-village, that belongs to one of the most significant characters of the Brescia culture and of the Italian history, Gabriele D'Annunzio. “Hic manebimus optime” is the expression summarizing the sense of harmony and quality of the Garda area, where the poet lived for long, with its elegant palaces, the wonderful frescos, the historical residences and the enchantment of nature.

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