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Brescia Plain

Brescia Province


   The Brescia plain represents the southern part of the province. It's an agricultural area, crossed by several rivers. It has never been a proper tourist destination, but its natural and artistic attractions are being discovered and appreciated by more and more visitors.

   The wealth of the plain is reflected in its prosperous old farms, and in the precious works of art that enrich churches and abbeys. To protect this strategic area from conquerers and armies in transit, the local lords built several imposing castles and fortified villas.

   The "Lowland" (as the plain is called) is easy to reach and visit by bycicle. It boasts unexpected natural attractions such as local and regional parks characterised by slow rivers, large forests and flourishing countryside.

   The production of cheese is typical of the plain: the famous Grana Padano; the soft, fresh robiola and crescenza; the tasty taleggio. Delicious cured meats are also renowned: salami, cotechino and soppressa. These products can be purchased directly from the producers. Other old cultivations such as einkorn have recently been rediscovered and encouraged.

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